MLS Regular Season

06 September 3:29 pm

Last month, KeyBank asked, "What would you do with $1,000?" And boy, did you let us know. With numerous entries all posted and tagged on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #PTFC1K, it was tough to choose.

The $1,000 grand prize winning entry came from Instagram user @chelele who plans on using the money to help pay for costly surgery.

Our fourth weekly $250 winner comes from Twitter user @kldamassa who says she would use the money to spend more family time at JELD-WEN Field.

Our previous three winners were @erikmartinkeating, @ali_bella1, and @kjhaltz. Thanks for all the fantastic submissions and see all the winners below:

29 August 2:30 pm

Meet Denisse C.
Denisse was the Spread the Love packet recipient for the Portland Timbers vs. FC Dallas match on August 17th. Cristina Calderon, her big sister from Big Brothers Big Sisters, nominated her.

"I have known her since I was 14 years old," said Denisse of her big sister Christina. "She has been there for me every step of the way since then."

Denisse says she was shocked when she received her welcome packet.

“I was so happy to know that everyone that she knew she picked me to go and watch a soccer game,” she said.

This was Denisse’s first soccer game and she says she was most looking forward to experiencing the electric atmosphere at JELD-WEN Field in person as opposed to television. The environment did not disappoint. Denisse said the atmosphere at the stadium was her favorite part of the game.  

Meet Elvis K.
Elvis was the Spread the Love packet recipient for the Portland Timbers vs. Vancouver Whitecaps match on August 3rd. He was nominated by friend and former coworker Sara Treadway.

Elvis says he felt “overwhelming joy to receive the Timbers welcome packet and tickets to the game.” The last game he went to was three years ago, adding that he tried to get tickets this year but they were sold out. This time he got to bring his sons. He said his favorite part of the game was Ryan Johnson’s second-half header.

27 August 10:48 am

The #PTFC1K contest is now in its final week with numerous entries answering the question: What would you do with $1,000?

Our third weekly $250 winner comes from Instagram user @kjhaltz who says he'd put the money toward his wedding in two months.

Our previous two winners were @erikmartinkeating and @ali_bella1.

Have you submitted your picture? The contest ends Saturday, so be sure to enter before the deadline. Let us know what you'd do with $1,000 and post your photo to Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #PTFC1K and you could win too, courtesy of our friends at KeyBank.

22 August 12:45 pm

This weekend, the Portland Timbers and Seattle Sounders will face each other for the second time this season. The first match saw the Timbers draw even with Seattle Sounders at CenturyLink Field, and there is no doubt that many Timbers fans will once again make the trip.

Every match between the Timbers and Sounders is important, but this time around there is even more at stake. Not only is Portland looking to potentially reach the top of the MLS table, but the Timbers could also take sole possession of first place in the Cascadia Cup table. Arguably the most hyped match of the season, an expected 66,000 fans will be at CenturyLink Field to see the Sounders host the Timbers in a game that also features the first home match for new Sounders signing and USMNT forward Clint Dempsey.

As the season wears on, the costs of traveling to away Cascadia matches can start to add up. This season, our friends at 76 would like to support the fans that support the team. All you need to do is Instagram a shot of you traveling to or from this weekend's match with the hashtag #76roadtrip and you'll be eligible to win a $100 gas card and an autographed Timbers team jersey

@daarontaylor won for his post in May when he made the trip to Vancouver, B.C. to see the Timbers play the Whitecaps. Post your picture of your trip to Seattle for a chance to win! Not going to Seattle this time? Never fear, the contest will also be happening for the Cascadia Cup rivalry match October 6th at Vancouver.

Onward, Rose City!

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20 August 10:43 am

The #PTFC1K contest is off and running with numerous entries answering the question: What would you do with $1,000?

Our second weekly $250 winner comes from Instagram user @erikmartinkeating who says he'd use the money to purchase a camera and handle to document the Timbers Army in Seattle on August 25th.

Have you submitted your picture? Let us know what you'd do with $1,000 and post your photo to Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #PTFC1K and you could win too, courtesy of our friends at KeyBank.

07 August 9:09 am

As you know, Portland Timbers team captain Will Johnson took part in last week's 2013 MLS All-Star Game activities in Kansas City. Over the course of the week, Johnson trained with fellow All-Stars, helped out at an MLS WORKS event and was part of the Starting XI in the All-Stars 3-1 loss to Serie A's AS Roma.

Late night host Jimmy Fallon took notice. Rather than go the traditional route of naming an MVP award, Fallon took a different tack:

02 August 3:31 pm

This weekend's featured Portland Timbers Food Cart Alliance member is Stumptown Dumplings, better known as Stumplings. Fans may remember Stumplings from the May 2nd Timbers match. Read more about the formation of Stumplings here.

Stumplings will be serving their chicken and spinach steamed dumplings and their signature roasted pork bao with your choice of Asian Chipotle, Chili Hoison, or Thai Mustard sauces from the Soccer City Grill concession stand above Section 93.

For more information on the Portland Timbers Food Cart Alliance visit

26 July 10:40 am

Isaac Gatchet was the recipient of a Spread the Love welcome packet for the June 23rd match against the Colorado Rapids. Casie Bowers, Timbers suite holder and supporter nominated Isaac.

Gatchet is a huge Timbers fan, but he doesn’t get to attend Timbers home matches because he is currently on active duty with the United States military in Afghanistan. He was scheduled to return home on leave in June, and the match on the 23rd was the only match he could attend this season.

The Spread the Love packet included four tickets for Gatchet. He brought along his wife and his two best friends, and he says they all enjoyed the whole experience.

“We all had a great time,” said Gatchet “I dont think I could have went to a better match. The Timbers won, it was a beautiful day and we all had a wonderful time!”

Gatchet says that ever since he learned about Spread the Love and what it means, he has tried to incorporate the idea into his daily life.

“I have been doing my best to help out others that have been less fortunate than me,” said Gatchet. “So Spread the Love, to me, means helping out others that just need a little extra help or just need something to brighten up their day!”

26 July 10:36 am

Jose Antonio Saavedra was the recipient of a Spread the Love welcome packet for the June 15th match against FC Dallas. Gerardo Ochoa, contributing author of Path to Scholarship, college administrator, and local youth advocate nominated Jose.

Jose first met Gerardo after being selected as the Cesar Estrada Chavez Scholarship recipient. He says he was inspired by Gerardo’s work in the community and that he learned a lot from him.

“He taught me about the values of leadership, culture, language,” said Jose, “and most importantly about "Ganas," the desire and confidence to move forward.”

Jose says he was very thrilled to receive his Spread the Love welcome packet.

“I was very excited and honored for this wonderful gift,” said Jose. “There are no words to describe my excitement. I appreciated the fact that I was in Mr. Gerardo’s mind for this gift. It really means a lot.”

The June 15th match against FC Dallas was Jose’s first MLS league match. He says he was really looking forward to seeing the environment at JELD-WEN Field.

“My favorite part of the match was when the Timbers got a goal against FC Dallas. I was pretty happy!”

Jose was very grateful for the entire experience and is looking forward to spreading the love.

“I was very humble and honored to have received four tickets to see the game,” said Jose. “I hope one day I can give back to those who have assisted me see the world from a different perspective.”

To learn more about Spread The Love and nominate a deserving recipient, click here.

15 July 10:11 am

"Combine the Galaxy's stature and the teams' place in the standings (Portland now second in the West; LA fourth), Saturday may have been one of the best shows in Major League Soccer history."

The always excellent London-based newspaper, The Guardian, wrote about the Portland-LA match in their weekly "5 Things We Learned About MLS" feature. While there is no doubt the ending was the stuff of Portland legend, Guardian writer Richard Farley writes that the game also had an impact beyond just where the teams are in the standings, "On Saturday, when Portland claimed one of their most important wins in franchise history, the Timbers and Galaxy forced us to pause and consider how far the league's come."

Read the whole post here and while you're at it, subscribe to their always excellent Guardian Football Weekly Podcast.