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10 October 3:28 pm

Not only are Thorns FC players champions on the field, they strive to create and build champions within the community. The Rose City Readers program was implemented to do just that -- make third graders at the “I Have A Dream” Foundation Dreamer School Alder Elementary, champions in reading.

Thorns FC players will attend third grade classrooms on a monthly basis reading books to students focusing on the importance of physical education, health and other central topics.

Photo by Liz Wade

On October 9, Rachel Buehler and Meleana Shim browsed the library at Alder Elementary looking for books to read to students. “I want to read them Polar Express!” Shim commented. After 15 minutes of searching, it was time to read to the first class. There was a buzz of whispers and smiles between the classrooms when Buehler and Shim were first spotted. When introduced as professional women soccer players, jaws dropped and questions sprung from their mouths. They ranged from who their favorite soccer player was to what their favorite food was. Sticking to the theme of eating healthy, Buehler answered vegetables while Shim answered with mangos.

In the first classroom, Buehler and Shim read “Surfer Chick” by Kristey Dempsey, which focused on the importance of a positive attitude, practice makes perfect and never giving up. For the second group of third graders, they read “Dear Mrs. Lurue: Letters From Detention School” by Mark Teague, which centered on looking at all points of view in every situation. During the last session, students had the chance to read to Buehler and Shim in a one-on-one environment.

Photo by Liz Wade

Focusing on reading proficiency in the third grade is a critical step toward increasing the number of students who succeed academically and ultimately in life. During the third grade, students are transitioning from learning to read, using basic knowledge of the alphabet, to reading to learn. The Rose City Readers program inspires youth in the classroom by harnessing the power of sport and mentorship to magnify the importance of reading. The Thorns FC players have a unique ability to motivate students to improve their reading skills and increase their passion for education.

Shyvonne Williams, the “I Have A Dream” Foundation Alder Program Manager, was excited about the program. “We are so pleased ‘Stand Together’ thought of Alder. It went amazing today and we cannot wait to have the players back next month!”


06 August 11:10 am

Portland Thorns FC fans in attendance at the final regular season game were sure to notice the tremendous tifo display put on by the Rose City Riveters supporters group. Hanging high over the north end of the stadium, a beautiful, handcrafted image paid tribute to the Thorns.

Although every fan at JELD-WEN Field appreciated the display, few likely understood the time and effort put in to making it possible. Over 60 people combined for a total of 375 work hours to imagine, create, complete, and execute the tifo display.

The process began in July when Rose City Riveters members came up with and finalized the design. With space, cloth, paint, and rigging provided by the 107ist, the Rose City Riveters began outlining the image. After hours of painting and touch ups the final product was ready to go in time for the August 4th match. Additionally, volunteers prepared accompanying two-stick banners, streamers, and instructions for the execution of the display.

To read the complete story of how the tifo came to life, visit the Rose City Riveters official site

02 August 3:31 pm

This weekend's featured Portland Timbers Food Cart Alliance member is Stumptown Dumplings, better known as Stumplings. Fans may remember Stumplings from the May 2nd Timbers match. Read more about the formation of Stumplings here.

Stumplings will be serving their chicken and spinach steamed dumplings and their signature roasted pork bao with your choice of Asian Chipotle, Chili Hoison, or Thai Mustard sauces from the Soccer City Grill concession stand above Section 93.

For more information on the Portland Timbers Food Cart Alliance visit

30 July 10:56 am

Photo by Craig Mitchelldyer

Portland Thorns FC forward Tiffany Weimer has traveled the world suiting up for clubs in Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, and Sweden. Now, the Connecticut native has returned to the United States to play for the Thorns.

Recently, the New Haven Register highlighted some of Weimer’s globe-trotting adventures in a feature available on their website. Check it out here.

26 July 11:41 am

Photo by Craig Mitchelldyer

Portland Thorns FC fans who keep up on local soccer know about the tremendous amount of success forward Danielle Foxhoven had during her time at the University of Portland and her strong roots in Portland.

However, not many fans know about the challenges she faced following her collegiate career. As part of their continuing Total Access series, espnW recently spoke with Foxhoven about her time in Russia playing for FC Energy Voronezh, cold feet, watching fellow Pilots Sophie Schmidt and Christine Sinclair at the London 2012 Olympics followed by her eventual journey back to Portland.

To read Foxhoven's story, visit espnW.


26 July 9:46 am

This Sunday’s Portland Timbers Food Cart Alliance featured member is Chez Dodo. This taste of Mauritian paradise comes to JELD-WEN Field courtesy of owner and operator Shyam Dausoa.

Dausoa originally moved to Portland with his wife when she was accepted to nursing school at OHSU. He says when he got here he discovered that Portland was the best place in the country for great food.

He started selling pre-packaged Mauritian food to Whole Foods and other grocery stores. Then he decided that it was time to expand and open a food truck.

“Starting a food cart is a way for me to promote the food and culture of my home country in the US,” says Dausoa. “It's a dream come true. I have a passion for food and people and I'm able to express my passion through Chez Dodo.”

Chez Dodo will be serving up their samosas on Sunday.  Fans will have their choice of the following menu items:

Veg Samosas(Vegan) - 2 for $5
Chicken Samosas - 2 for $6
Lamb Samosas - 2 for $7

Fans can find Chez Dodo at the Soccer City Grill above Section 93 on Sunday when the Thorns take on the Chicago Red Stars at JELD-WEN Field (4pm PT, FOX Soccer).


18 July 1:35 pm

Photo by Craig Mitchelldyer

Portland Thorns FC have fielded several different lineups over the course of the season due to national team call ups, injuries, and roster changes. The arrival of Tiffany Weimer has helped provide stability in the midfield, as well as add another personality to the already exuberant roster. 

Weimer recently wrote a blog post as part of espnW's Total Access in which she hit on a variety of topics, ranging from her move from Denmark to Portland, learning about popular trends from her younger teammates, to dispelling the rumor that she's here to steal Christine Sinclair's two Hermann trophies--seriously, she's NOT here to do that.

To read Tiffany's blog, titled "Be Your Selfie," visit espnW.


16 July 3:54 pm

Photo by Craig Mitchelldyer

Continuing the new tradition of the presentation of roses following Thorns games to the goal scorers and goalkeeper who achieved a shutout, Girls, Inc. has been sending participants from their great youth programs to meet players after the game and hand them the roses in front of the North End supporters. For an organization that looks to inspire girls to be strong, smart and bold, it's truly a special moment after the match.

July 6 vs. Western New York Flash - Bella Schaeffer
7th grade, D

How did you like today?
I had a lot of fun. It was really fun to sit up in the stands with my dad and being in the shade and coming down here into the field and giving roses to Meleana Shim.

What was your favorite part of the day?
Probably giving roses and saying hi to the coach again. I met her from other events and it was really fun to see her again.

Is this your first Thorns game?
No, I have been to two others.

Do you have a favorite player?
I like all of them, but probably the goalie if I were to choose one because she is just really amazing and I like her hair too.

What makes you strong?
What makes me strong is that I always stop and think about things before I do them. I am also strong physically because I do dance and it helps my muscles.

What makes you smart?
I have struggled with ADHD my whole life so that made my brain smarter, if that makes sense. It helps a lot.

What makes you bold?
I usually stand out in a crowd most of the time because I think I am unique and I have really curly hair.

Have you ever played soccer?
I did it for 2-3 years and it was fun but I had other stuff going on.

Now you’re dancing?
Yes I am. I do ballet and jazz.

What is your favorite part about dancing?
I like being really graceful and I have always wanted to fly and that is the closest to flying I can get. 


14 June 4:16 pm

Photo by Craig Mitchelldyer

Continuing the new tradition of the presentation of roses following Thorns games to the goal scorers and goalkeeper who achieved a shutout, Girls, Inc. has been sending participants from their great youth programs to meet players after the game and hand them the roses in front of the North End supporters. For an organization that looks to inspire girls to be strong, smart and bold, it's truly a special moment after the match.

June 6, 2013 vs. FC Kansas City

Hannah Wilker is a 6th grader in the Access Academy Alternative Program.

What makes your strong, smart and bold?
I am strong because I am good with my friends and I am very confident. I like to help others achieve their goals. I am smart because I study a lot and I have motivation – well, sometimes I procrastinate, but everyone has their moments. And in general, I am good with people which can make you smart. I can be bold a lot. I like to challenge what others think if I don’t not think it is correct. And I will admit when I am not correct about what I am thinking but I definitely like to challenge common ideas.

Tell us about today:
I was at the season’s opening day match which was great. But today’s game was more high energy and a more goals were scored. It definitely had a different kind of energy.

Favorite part about today:
My favorite part about today was definitely the game. I really liked Alex’s goals – they were very pretty and superb. And the Rose Ceremony. I was so nervous! They are amazing soccer players – they are world class and I aspire to be like them. They are my role models.


13 June 4:17 pm

“She Flies With Her Own Wings” is the English translation of the official state motto of Oregon. It has also been adopted as a team motto for Portland Thorns FC used throughout a new billboard campaign across Portland. The Thorns want to know what the phrase “She Flies With Her Own Wings” means to you and we're launching a new Pinterest page for you to tell us.

Create a Pinterest board that embodies what the phrase “She Flies With Her Own Wings” means to you and you could win an autographed Thorns FC jersey, tickets to a regular-season Thorns FC match and autograph vouchers for a home match.

And, with the new Pinterest page launching, contest participants will have the opportunity to fill the new Thorns boards with inventive, creative and inspiring posts.. 

To be eligible to win, the boards must meet the following criteria:

  • Board must have a minimum of 3 images
  • Board must also include the official Thorns FC contest image (not included as one of the 3 images)
  • Every image should include a brief explanation about why you chose the image to represent the theme as well as the hashtag  #SheFliesWithHerOwnWings in the description
  • Entrees must abide by the Pinterest Terms of Service and the Official contest rules
  • Entry URL must be emailed to before June 23 at 11:59 p.m.

Board will be judged based on:

  • Creativity & Originality

    • The pictures within the board as well as the description provided with each picture will be judged when considering creativity and originality. We are looking for boards that are unlike the majority and think outside of the box. Which boards stand out and are not cliché?
  • Presentation & Organization

    • Is it easy to move from one picture to the next in a board and get the same concept? We are looking for boards that are well thought out and organized as such.
  • Clarity of the theme

    • Entrants will be judged on how well they represent the theme and how understandable the theme is in their board to the judges.

Three winners will be selected.

  • First Place Winner will receive:

    • (i) one (1) autographed Portland Thorns FC team jersey,
    • (ii) two (2) Portland Thorns FC tickets to a mutually agreed upon regular-season match
    • (iii) two (2) autograph vouchers for match
    • (iv) Pinterest board entry images displayed on JELD-WEN FIELD video wall during the match
    • (v) Pinterest board entry images displayed on the Portland Thorns Pinterest page. 
  • The second and third prize Contest winner will receive:

    • (i) two (2) Portland Thorns FC tickets per Contest winner to mutually agreed upon regular-season match.

For full contest rules, click here.