Congratulations to our June 15th Axe Society Members of the Match – Lori and Sean!

17 June 4:03 pm

Congratulations to our June 15th Axe Society Members of the Match – Lori and Sean!

By Nicole Tillett

Photo by Craig Mitchelldyer

As part of our inaugural group of ticket holders, Lori and Sean won the chance to have a VIP experience for the Portland Timbers vs. FC Dallas match on June 15th, including KeyBank Club seats, and a chance to visit with Timber Joey on the field!

We asked Lori a few questions after the match:

What was your first memory of supporting the Timbers?
We saw the first Timbers game at the University of Portland field (before JELD-WEN was ready).  During that match, we kept thinking how totally awesome the Timbers Army was, and we were struck by the speed and agility of number 11.  Everybody around us started pulling out their roster sheets trying to figure out who 11 was, and we all tried to say his name resulting in various butchered pronunciations of Alhassan's name all around us.  He still is amazing to watch, but seeing him for the first time and that close up was definitely something special. A close second for favorite memories was the Timbers' shut out of the LA Galaxy that year.

What was your favorite moment of this match?
The easy answer would be Nagbe's goal, but the most exciting moment was actually when the Timber's had two back-to-back shots on goal that were blocked.  Even though it did not result in a goal, it was really fun to watch.

Who would you nominate as Player of the Match?
That is really difficult!  Ricketts got another clean sheet and had some awesome saves.  Nagbe, again, placed the ball in the net with perfect precision.  Chara disrupted and charged like the champion and solid all-around player he is.  Will Johnson never stopped in spite of constant muggings mid-field.  Alhassan tirelessly advanced the ball and avoided defenders.  So, man-of-the match is Porter.  Somehow he manages to try new combinations that are the perfect match-ups against for each team the Timbers play.  He is a genius.

What is your prediction for the next match – Timbers versus LA Galaxy?
The Timbers will control the ball (60% + possession) and wear down the Galaxy, resulting in a win for the Timbers.  Goal differential of 2.

What else should we know about your Timbers fandom? 
We are on the big picture of original season ticket holders out of sheer luck.  We went to the downtown Timbers store on a rainy day before the first season started just because we wanted to buy Timbers jerseys.  It turns out, they were doing the pictures with the axes and chainsaw and such for that original mural.  It is my favorite family pic and probably always will be.  Yeah, that was almost as lucky as being fans of the match.  It was great to sit in the fancy seats and get fed a bunch.  However, we will happily return to section 209 to stand, drink, cheer, and cuss through the whole match, like the true fans we are. RCTID!

There’s no doubt about your true fandom, Lori! Thank you for your wonderful support!

If you are an Axe Society member and would like to enter to win the title of Member of the Match, please register here.