Congratulations to our July 13th Axe Society Members of the Match – Liz and Caitlin!

18 July 4:20 pm

Congratulations to our July 13th Axe Society Members of the Match – Liz and Caitlin!

By Nicole Tillett

Photo by Craig Mitchelldyer

As part of our inaugural group of ticket holders, Liz and Caitlin won the chance to have a VIP experience for the Portland Timbers vs. LA Galaxy match on July 13th, including KeyBank Club seats, and a chance to visit with Timber Joey on the field!

We asked Liz a few questions after the match:

When was your first match supporting the Timbers?

When I moved out to Portland in 1998, Philadelphia did not yet have a professional soccer team, so I was never a big fan of soccer. My wife, Caitlin, and I went to our first Timbers game when they were a USL team because some of our friends, who were season ticket holders, convinced us that it would be fun. We sat with the Army, of course. The energy I felt in that stadium was like none I had felt before at a live sporting event. I was hooked! When it came time to purchase season tickets for the Timbers inaugural season, the answer was simple.

What was your favorite moment of this match?

The ridiculously amazing goal by Jean-Baptiste in the 94th minute and watching the Timbers Army celebration from our midfield seats.

Who would you nominate as Player of the Match?

Near tie between Ricketts and Jean-Baptiste, but I think I'm going to give it to Ricketts. He was a beast on Saturday night! If not for a couple of his saves (namely Juninho's free kick at the 37 minute mark), our 94th minute goal wouldn't have mattered.

What is your prediction for the next match – Timbers versus Philadelphia Union?

 Timbers win, 1-0. Ricketts with a clean sheet and Piquionne with the game-winning goal. You heard me!

What else should we know about your Timbers fandom? Any Favorite pieces of Timbers memorabilia?

Between my wife and me, we have 11 scarves, but I still wear the same one just about every match - No Pity with red fringe. Also, when Dan Zusman asked me to confirm the name that should go on the Axe Society wall, I forgot to make sure my wife's name was on it too - something she reminds me of to this day. Perhaps winning this Member of the Match is the first step in making it up to her!

We clearly had the best match of the season for our Axe experience. We were already excited to have this experience for the LA Galaxy match, but the game couldn't have been any more exciting. The staff took wonderful care of us and everyone was so nice. We're looking forward to returning to our friends in Section 105, but this is a match experience that we'll never forget! 


Congratulations again to Liz and Caitlin and thank you for your fantastic support!

If you are an Axe Society member and would like to enter to win the title of Member of the Match, please register here.