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02 January 3:08 pm

While Brent Richards, Darlington Nagbe and more were busy during the offseason, centerback Hanyer Mosquera has been keeping busy as well. Spending his offseason in his hometown of Istima, Colombia, Mosquera and his family helped organize a local soccer tournament for high school aged kids and outfitted two teams: Amigos de Hanyer Los Verdes and Amigos de Hanyer Los Rojos.

Naturally, the kits should have a familiar look to Timbers fans.

Done in conjunction with the local mayor, Mosquera says that he helps put together the tournament--now in it's fourth year--so kids can see that "it's possible to be a professional player."

"We hope that every year, we make it a little bit better," Mosquera added. "It's a short tournament that people enjoy but also brings me a lot of happiness. We're just helping bring my hometown a game that they love."

26 December 11:15 am

Adin Brown in 2011 - Photo by Craig Mitchelldyer

After a time of year of giving, it is interesting to hear from a former Portland Timbers player who is now making a career of giving back. Adin Brown started the inaugural MLS match for the Portland Timbers in 2011 as part of a career that included helping lead the New England Revolution to the 2002 MLS Cup final, becoming a fan favorite with Norwegian side Aalesund (where he also scored a goal), to becoming the first ever Timbers Alumni Ambassador of the MLS era. Timbers fans will also be familiar with Brown's voice as he became a regular soccer analyst on Portland radio broadcasts during the 2012 season.

But it is in Brown's post-soccer career that he is perhaps having one of his biggest impacts. A longtime supporter of the Big Brothers Big Sisters program--he was a "Big" early in his career in Colorado--Brown had made appearances on their behalf while a player with the Timbers at their Northwest chapter in Portland. After retiring, Brown approached them about volunteering again and they countered with a job offer to head up their new Sports Buddies program. Sports Buddies helps pair adult mentors with kids around athletic activities.

A natural talker, Brown sat down with me to talk about his time off the pitch, his passion for BBBS Northwest and how he's making a difference in Portland. 

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18 December 12:39 pm

We’ve all heard the Timbers Army walking in a Timbers Wonderland, but this holiday season, the Portland Timbers wanted to see it.

The Timbers invited fans to share photos of their own Timbers Wonderland via Instagram using the special hashtag #TimbersWonderland between December 10 and December 17, showing off Timbers holiday spirit.

Ultimately, this photo of a hardworking lumberjack bringing in his own Timbers tree with a friend stood out above the rest to win the grand prize of $500 worth of Timbers gifts!

Other favorites included bright shining Christmas trees, #RCTID holiday stockings, and a bad Christmas sweater portrait with the one and only Santa. Clearly, the holiday spirit is in full affect across the Timbers Wonderland.

Happy holidays from the Portland Timbers!

18 December 12:19 pm

As snow began to dust Portland today and just plain dump up at Mt. Hood, we came across another of Finnish goalkeeper Lassi Hurskainen's spectacular trick videos. 

Needless to say, the snow hasn't prevented him from staying busy.

Watch more soccer goodies over at KickTV.

18 December 10:11 am

While recent reports show that MLS is getting higher attendance numbers than the NHL and NBA, it should come as little surprise given soccer's long history in the United States.

Yes, I said long history. Check out this clip that recently popped up on YouTube of the 1924 U.S. Open Cup final between the legendary Fall River Marksmen and Vesper Buick of St. Louis.

The Marksmen won 4-2, one of their four U.S. Open Cup titles.

17 December 11:34 pm

Hang Up and Listen, Slate's all-sports podcast, was back at it today discussing Adrian Peterson's amazing comeback from knee surgery, baseball's West Coast power shift, and an interview with NBC Sports Stan Van Gundy.

But toward's the end, when they get into their "oppo tacos"--a reference to the surprise of an opposite field home run in baseball--co-host Stefan Fatsis opens up a discussion of the new National Women's Soccer League and the collection of new teams, crests, and names. Quickly running through the rest of the league, Fatsis describes Thorns FC as,  "The only team in the new league with a sense of style and smarts."

He goes on to sing the praises of the new team crest, the uniqueness in having a soccer fan help design the logo, and how these things matter.

"Smart team's take this seriously," said Fatsis. "I'm definitely taking my daughter out to Portland to watch the Thorns play."

The entire podcast can be found here with the NWSL and Thorns FC discussion beginning at about the 55:40 mark towards the end.

07 December 3:37 pm

Presented without comment, a guy who can juggle the ball insanely well.

@Via Huffington Post 
More on Iya Traore, freestyle footballer

29 November 10:19 am

Photo via

Now that Caleb Porter's time at the University of Akron is drawing to a close, Marla Ridenour, a sports columnist with the Akron Beacon Journal, sat down with soon-to-be new Portland Timbers head coach to ask him about his time with the Zips, his plans for Portland, and why he made the big move west.

In short, he was looking for a new rush.

The turning point came when he coached the US U-23s national team last spring.

“It gave me a taste of that rush and it’s unlike anything else,” Porter said Wednesday during a half-hour interview in his UA office. “There’s more pressure, but there’s more reward, too. I like that. I like a challenge. I’m not afraid of pressure.

“Even the rush of having to finesse the players, the management. I need that. I need to wake up every day feeling nervous, almost like I’ve got to be at my best, otherwise I get bored. It was very different the way I was feeling; it was like when I came here seven years ago.”

It's an excellent read to learn more into the insight of the new Timbers coach and what makes him tick as well as what his hopes for the future are.

“I try to be the best I can be. I try not to give a day away. I try not to slip,” he said. “In some ways it’s a madness, but that’s the way that I live. I don’t want to look at myself in the mirror at the end of the day and think, ‘I wasn’t good today.’ I try to instill that in my players.

“I’m very uncomfortable being comfortable. I want to grow, I want to get better, I want to push myself, I want to be challenged, I want to feel pressure, I want to wake up every day knowing I have to be at my best. That’s what makes me tick.”

Go read the whole thing at and check out the photo album of Porter in his UA of Akron office as well.

27 November 12:18 am

Though perhaps not quite as popular as the addictive FIFA 13--at least not in the US--Sega's Football Manager has it's very dedicated followers. A complete front office simulation game, Football Manager lets the user be the coach, technical director, and everything in-between to control all aspects of your favorite side.

For one such VERY dedicated and talented player of the game, he received the ultimate opportunity. FC Baku in the Azerbaijani Premier League turned over their head coaching duties to 21-year old Vugar Guloglan oglu Huseynzade, a young man with no head coaching experience other than what he has learned while playing Football Manager.

Incredibly, the new manager beat out established coaches like 1991 European Footballer of the Year and Olympique Marseille legend Jean-Pierre Papin. Read more here.

27 November 12:06 am

As stated by sports business contributor Jed Hughes on Bleacher Report: 

In just 16 years, the world’s most popular sport has climbed to become America’s third highest spectator sport on average. While soccer's relevance has been questioned by critics for many years, recent figures indicate that Major League Soccer (MLS) now averages higher attendance numbers than both the NHL and NBA respectively.

Go read the whole thing for more specific numbers and details.