Timbers Beat: The 'Away' Stretch

Before the season started, I remember being very nervous about having to end the season with so many matches on the road. Virginia Beach leaving the league helped removed one, but finishing with four straight on the road is a tall order for any team.

However, here we are with just one of those four matches remaining, and not only have we gotten six points already, but we've been assured of a playoff spot for almost a month! Three more points this weekend could put an awesome cap on what has already been an incredible season and would hopefully give the team momentum heading into the playoffs.

No matter how we do this weekend, the Timbers should still be riding a surreal tide of home support. The match against Charleston was incredible; I can't think of any better way to describe it. The players, the coaches, the staff and the owner were all euphoric after JT (Justin Thompson) gave us what we were all waiting for. Here's hoping we can get another great crowd on the 16th! It would be a tremendous showcase in front of the Fox Soccer Channel cameras, as we have just heard they will be here for that match.

Anyway, there's nothing but excitement here at 20th and Morrison, and the boys seem raring to go up to Vancouver. Here's to that final three points, and we'll see you on the 16th!

Posted by: Brad