Timbers Beat: Final steps of removal nearly complete

PORTLAND, Ore. – The first phase of the new turf project at PGE Park is just about done. Work crews have spent the past few days loading dumpsters with the foam base from the old surface and cleaning up the last few pieces that remain on the ground in preparation for the new turf’s arrival.
Perhaps the most tedious part of the removal process, workers and machines have filled several dumpsters piece by piece to remove the piles of the old foam base from the outfield area of the stadium.
The asphalt that served as the foundation of the old surface is now exposed. Crews spent most of Friday sweeping the asphalt to remove any final pieces of foam and debris left from the removal process, and preparing the foundation for phase two of the project – installing the new FieldTurf.
The new state-of-the-art FieldTurf playing surface is expected to arrive early next week, and crews will begin the installation process as soon as it gets to PGE Park.
It should take two to three weeks to install the new surface. Once the grass-like FieldTurf is laid down, it will then be filled with FieldTurf’s patented infill mix of silica sand and cryogenic rubber.
Stay tuned for the first pictures of the new turf early next week …