Timbers Beat: Piece by piece, it's coming together

PORTLAND, Ore. – The final steps of the preparation process are done and crews started laying down the new state-of-the-art FieldTurf today at PGE Park. Rolls of the new playing surface were unwrapped and unrolled using a series of clamps, tools and a pick-up truck.
Starting in the north end of the stadium, the first piece of new FieldTurf was unrolled this morning around 10 a.m. and since then crews have put down six rolls starting along the first-base line and moving out towards the east side of the stadium.
Work crews are expected to work through the weekend to put down the 17 pieces of FieldTurf ranging from 300-400 ft. long. As each roll of FieldTurf is laid out, it is then sewn to the previous piece which will ultimately create a large sheet of turf to cover the 100,000 square feet of playing surface.
So far, the turf that has been laid down nearly covers the baseball infield area and the cutouts around home plate and third base have been removed.
Once the turf has been all laid out, the next step is to adhere the FieldTurf surface to its asphalt foundation. Once the turf is properly fixed in place, it’s time to insert FieldTurf’s specialized mix of sand and rubber.
Stay tuned for updates early next week as the new FieldTurf get set into place … more pictures to come.