Timbers Top 5 with midfielder Miguel Guante

PORTLAND, Ore.Midfielder Miguel Guante helps debut a new feature on portlandtimbers.com, the Top 5 asks players to select their favorites on a variety of subjects. Guante’s question is, “Name any five people you’d invite over for dinner.”
A tough choice indeed, Guante couldn’t narrow the field down to five, but a common theme of inspirational people in his life found their way to the top of the list. And, well, you always need someone who is good for a laugh.
1. Jesus – A central figure in the world, his example and teachings of love, forgiveness, grace, patience and faith can only better myself and others.
2. Clive Charles – A mentor, teacher, humorist and coach, Clive was one you could trust and feel comfortable around.  He was a wise inspiration to all and was a great example of the phrase, "Never take life for granted, tomorrow is promised to no one." I was incredibly fortunate to have him in my life.
3. My parents – It’s a bit tough to see them considering they're on the other side of the world in Korea. I would love a home-cooked meal from Puerto Rico or Panama right about now.
4. Pele – Arguably the greatest soccer player of all-time, but before my generation. He was a hero to the country of Brazil and an inspiration to the world. Pele was a humanitarian who would make great conversation at the dinner table.
5. Zinédine Zidane– My favorite player and in my opinion, the greatest soccer player of all time; he seemed to always play with such ease on the field. Maybe after dinner he could conduct a few soccer lessons for me.
6. George Lopez – Yeah I know it's only five people … But he could just lighten the mood and tell jokes all dinner. That would be enjoyable to me.