Camp Report: Another step closer ...

Midfielder Josh Cameron and his teammates wrapped up the third week of preseason training with a preseason exhibition against the Pilots. He reflects back on that game – his first preseason game at home – and the end of Week 3 in the latest installment of the Camp Report.

Here Josh's Camp Report looking back on Week 3 of preseason:

Another week of preseason is in the books, another step closer to our ultimate goal of winning a championship. The days leading up to our preseason match against the University of Portland was similar to weeks prior ... we did a lot of technical work as well as some playing, finishing and of course fitness.
On Wednesday (March 25) we began focusing on our team shape and what we were looking for defensively as well as offensively. We did some pattern play, working our way into a scrimmage. After practice, we got into groups by position (defenders, mids, forwards) and had a quick meeting with the coaches discussing what they were looking for defensively. This was good because it kind of let each position know what they were expecting right now in the season.
On Friday (March 27) we had another match at UP, this time against the Pilots. They are a well coached team with some good players. Overall, we were a little disappointed with the result (a 0-0 draw). I know personally I did not feel I played as well as I wanted to. I missed a great opportunity brought about by Jason in the closing moments of the first half – which I went on to have nightmares about that night after the game. These are the chances you need to take advantage of because it may only happen once a game. The game ended in a tie, which made me feel even worse knowing I should have put the chance away. However, I know things happen and we must move on and not dwell on the past.
Overall I feel like preseason is going pretty good. As a team, we are getting fit as well as getting to know one another better and better which will translate to good things on the pitch. For me personally, after playing 75 minutes in the game Friday I feel like my fitness is coming along great. It has been a different transition for me coming from college. I am trying to adjust to the level while also trying to play the way I know I am capable of playing. I have had my fair share of good and bad moments and hope that as we go along I get more consistent – with the good moments of course.
Thanks for reading; I’ll get back to you later in the week to give you another update. Take care!
Posted by: Josh Cameron