Renovation Photo Diary

Check out the renovation photo diary to see the latest construction taking place at PGE Park.Wednesday, February 3, 2010 became a historic day for the Portland soccer community when the Portland City Council passed the funding and renovation plan to improve PGE Park for Major League Soccer and create a world-class soccer facility in the heart of downtown. With the move to MLS, PGE Park will undergo a significant renovation with several modifications being made to the structure over the course of the next year. Check in every Friday to view a picture update directly from the construction site at PGE Park. For more construction pictures, visit the Timbers Facebook page here.

March 26 - Turf Installation Turf Installation is complete.  PGE Park Crews will begin prepping the field and bullpens for play.
March 19 - Turf Installation Turf arrived onsite Thursday and installation began Friday 3/19/10
March 12 - South Retaining Wall The south retaining wall is scheduled to be poured this week
March 5 - Concrete Pours Tuesday was the first of two large concrete pours. The crews placed approximately 480 cubic yards of concrete. They are planning another very large pour for Tuesday of next week.
Feb 26 - Auger Cast Pile The final auger cast pile went in this afternoon. This completed one of the major milestone activities for this phase. 203 auger cast piles were installed from 8 February 8 though February 26.
Feb 19 - South Access Road Footing for South Access Road widening will be poured next week.
Feb 12 - Foundations Work Work continues on the foundations along the eastern edge of the park just south of the Fred Meyer deck.
Feb 8 - Foundations Start Work started on the foundations Monday February 8. The drill rig is working on the piles for the foundations along the eastern edge of the park just south of the Fred Meyer deck.
Feb 4 - Restroom Work Photos of the start of work on the facility restrooms.
Feb 2 - Prep Work Tanner Creek crossing work
January 20 thru January 29 - Foundation Prep Work Prep work prior to starting the foundations. Turf Removal, survey, excavation and Tanner Creek crossing.
December 22 thru December 24 - Tile Pile Work This information was used to verify the foundation design.