Sounds of Fall - Construction Update for October 15

Cranes swung I-beams, cement trucks kept pouring, and the jackhammering continued with construc

A whole new level of activity descended into PGE Park this week as cranes swung I-beams to and fro (very safely, I might add), cement trucks kept pouring, dump trucks made increased deliveries and the jackhammering continued.

Not surprisingly, as if by magic, we have a whole new criss-cross of beams and scaffolding structure in place. Much of the steel that was delivered last week was put together in the stadium's new southeast corner. Built to hold sections 92-94, this corner will also house a new medical center open to the public.

While the crews move on to begin piecing together the steel I-beams for the eastern stands, a veritable black desert of sand has taken shape on top of the old second base. This is being used fill in the old dugout spaces along the north end and western side which were jackhammered earlier this week.

Check out the Facebook photo diary and see it in real time right here.

Photo:  Elliott Veazey