Sounds of Fall - Construction Update for Nov. 5

Cranes hoist into place the eastern canopy supports.

Stadium Renovation - Nov. 5, 2011

Photo Credit: 
Elliott Veazey

An enormous crane rumbled into the stadium this week taking two days to set up its own counterweights and steel trusses. Its job? To hoist and place the massive steel supports for the new eastern canopy. It was a site to see as crews busied themselves with attaching and securing some of the largest whole pieces in the whole remodel.

Elsewhere, crews continued to set precast treads and risers, while rebar was installed on the concourse level in advance of concrete pours next week. Utilities throughout the building continue to be updated and some new masonry is happening in the older part of the stadium at the event level.

Next week, that huge crane will begin to place the roof pieces into the canopy. Be sure to check the webcam to see it happen live and see additional photos of all the good work on our Facebook page.