Sounds of Winter: Construction Update for Nov. 19

Fall turns to winter, rains fall in earnest, and construction continues apace.

Construction Update - 11.19.10

Photo Credit: 
Photo by Elliott Veazey

With last week being all about constructing the new, this week we return to our updates with what's going on with the stadium renovation. While fall may not have officially turned to winter, it certainly feels it and the rains have come to match. However, crews continue to work diligently throughout the building.

Additional steel canopy pieces have been put in place on the eastern stands while the precast treads and risers continue to fill in the structure. One big change is that actual cement floors have been poured for the top deck of the KeyBank Club and Club Seat areas.

Work continues on the south end field wall while across the pitch on the north end, new field drainage is being put in underground. At the eye-in-the-sky level, metal stud framing has been taking shape in the refurbished press box.

To get a closer look at everything, check out the latest time lapse video that compresses the second month of construction into just under two minutes. New photos are up on our Facebook page and there is always live coverage on our stadium construction webcam.