Q&A: Steve Purdy reports from Casa Grande

An update from Arizona

Steve Purdy vs. Houston Preseason

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Nick Doan/Portland Timbers

The Timbers are nearing the end of a 10-day training camp in Casa Grande, Ariz. Defender Steve Purdy checks in from Grande Sports World, where the team has been putting in two-a-day training sessions and playing preseason scrimmages for the past week. He talks about the camp, how the team is coming together on and off the field and the anticipation for the start of the season in a Q&A with PortlandTimbers.com.

PortlandTimbers.com: Now over a month into preseason, how are you holding up physically and mentally? How are preparations going for the upcoming season?

Steve Purdy: We have been working very hard here in Arizona, and one of our main focuses here is to work on our fitness. Obviously, we have been feeling the effects that come with all the hard work, but it is very necessary and is only going to make us stronger and better for the start of the upcoming season.

PT: What has been the most beneficial part of this camp in Arizona for you? For the team?

SP: It has been an opportunity to continue to get to know a lot of the guys a bit better on and off the field. It is so important to find a good chemistry, especially when a lot of the guys are still relatively new to each other. Playing games together is always going to help, which is what Arizona has given us the chance to do.

PT: The team’s schedule in Casa Grande has been busy. Have you been able to find some downtime during the stay at Grande Sports World? What have you been doing to kill any downtime?

SP: We have been training pretty much twice daily, so a lot of the guys are usually spent and relax as much as possible. We were able to get an evening off and have dinner as a team in Phoenix, which allowed us to get out of the hotel and be in a different setting. 

PT: While still early, it seems as though we are developing chemistry among the group. I would imagine camps like this one help foster that chemistry and camaraderie.

SP: Yes, it definitely does. As I pointed out earlier, whenever a team can get an opportunity to go to a camp such as this one in Arizona, it allows a team to find chemistry through understanding your teammates’ personalities and characteristics on and off the field. 

PT: So far, what has been the highlight for you during the camp in Casa Grande – on the field or off?

SP: I think playing against Houston in a wind/dust storm is something I probably will not forget.

PT: With the countdown until the start of the regular season on, what’s the vibe around the team at training? Does the start of the season come up often in conversations?

SP: There definitely is a feeling of anticipation that the beginning of the season is right around the corner. Everything that we have focused on so far in our training is a direct concentration and preparation for the start of the season. We are all looking forward to it and cannot wait to finally start it all up.