Timbers Players Predict Super Bowl

Horst & Pore's expert analysis

Timbers vs. Fusion - David Horst

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Jeff Farrar

As the Portland Timbers were busy training and increasing their fitness levels in the pleasant Ventura, CA sun, that other sport in the U.S. known as “football” was busy preparing for the Super Bowl with the Green Bay Packers taking on the Pittsburgh Steelers in North Texas.

While football’s starting eleven is a slightly different group from American football’s starting eleven, the Timbers have a few players who are pretty big football fans. Defender David Horst—who at 6’4”, 210 lbs. could line up as a great middle linebacker—made a bold prediction, “I’m rooting for Green Bay. I’m going to say Green Bay, 24-17.”

Horst grew up in Pine Grove, PA but lives and dies with the Philadelphia Eagles, hence his rooting for Green Bay.

“I hate the Steelers with a passion. I’m an Eagles fan. I’ll never cheat on them with the Steelers,” he said.

Horst did not hesitate when asked who would win MVP.

“[Quarterback] Aaron Rodgers. Definitely.”

The speedy 5’11”, 165 lbs. Ryan Pore who has the makings of a Wes Welker-type possession receiver concurred with Horst’s prediction of a Packers victory.

“Being that I’m a Browns fan—born to hate the Steelers—I’m definitely rooting for the Packers and I think it’s basically a toss-up between the two teams but I’ve got the Packers, 31-27,” said Pore.

As to why Pore thinks it’ll be a higher score, he believes it all comes down to Rodgers. “I feel like with Rodgers, he gets hot and can make things happen in the dome so it’ll be a lot of slinging the ball around,” predicted Pore.

But Pore isn’t ready to anoint Rodgers MVP just yet.

“Yeah. I don’t want to go on the Aaron Rodgers bandwagon too much. I’m going [linebacker] Clay Matthews.”

However Pore will have some issues with one of his teammates on Super Bowl Sunday, Quavas Kirk.

“He was born in Pennsylvania. He’s a Steelers fan, unfortunately. And he’s my roommate too. We’re not going to talk to each other tomorrow.”