MLS 101: Pizza Hut Park, Frisco, TX

Pizza Hut Park 101, Frisco, TX

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FC Dallas - Pizza Hut Park
On Aug. 6, 2005, Pizza Hut Park, the first large-scale soccer facility of its type in the United States, opened its doors as the new home of FC Dallas. Located 30 miles north of downtown Dallas in Frisco, Texas, Pizza Hut Park played host to the 2005 MLS Cup, and marked the first time the league’s champion was crowned in the state of Texas. As part of a massive 117-acre complex, Pizza Hut Park sits adjacent to 17 quality soccer field and holds nearly 22,000 spectators for MLS matches, international exhibitions, major concerts and high school football. In addition, the venue and complex is the headquarters for the U.S. Youth Soccer Association, providing playing fields for numerous youth games and tournaments.