Who is the Latino del Año 2011?

FutbolMLS.com presents both a new format and the candidates to choose the best Latino player in

Now we arrive at an important time of the season where you, the fan, will help us choose FutbolMLS.com’s Latino del Año 2011.

For 2011, the most outstanding Latino player of the season will be chosen under a tournament style format familiar to soccer.

  • Group Phase
  • Round of 16
  • Quarterfinals
  • Semifinals
  • Final

The editorial group from FutbolMLS.com and MLSsoccer.com did a thorough selection of the 32 Latino players that stood out throughout the 2011 regular season, who thanks to their hard work on the field shined in each one of the 32 weeks of the present campaign. For the Portland Timbers, midfielder and Designated Player Diego Chara is among those nominated.

Through a drawing, 8 groups were formed with four nominees in each group, and starting on Monday, October 24, the online voting process will open to determine who will advance to the next round.

The two players that receive the majority of the votes in each group-during the course of a week- will advance to the Round of 16 that will determine which players will advance to the following phases.

The groups are as follows:

For the subsequent phases, the pair of players will be selected in this manner:

Round of 16    Quarterfinals   Semifinal         Final

Starting on October 24, every Monday we will announce the players that will move on to the next stage of the competition until November 21 when we will announce the winner.

October 24 – Open voting for the Group Phase  (top 2 per group move on to next round)
October 31 – Announce players in the round of 16 and opening voting for next round
November  7 – Announce players in the quarterfinals and open voting for the next round
November  14 – Announce players in the semifinal and open voting for the next round
November 18 – Announce players in the final round and open voting
November 21 – Announce Latino del Año from FutbolMLS.com