Happy Holidays from the Portland Timbers!

Watch our fan-created jingle and enjoy some holiday cheer!

Happy Holidays 2011

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(Portland Timbers)

The Portland Timbers wish all of you a safe and Happy Holidays for 2011. Join in the celebration with the debut of our special fan-created holiday jingle:

We received almost 50 entries for this year's holiday jingle contest --all very great and very creative. However, there can only be one winner and that winner is....Scott Killen for his Timbers rendition of Run DMC's "Christmas in Hollis"! Scott Killen created this great adaptation along with Justus Kimbrough, Charlie Austin, Ken Manning, Darvey Santner, Gabe Estes and Erik Geske. 

Honorable mentions go to Tim Peters for his Timbers rendition of "Jingle Bells" and to Brennan Burns for his Timbers rendition of "Silver Bells". Both honorable mentions will be mailed team autographed mini log slices.

Thanks to all of the fans that submitted jingles!

"Timbers Christmas"  by Milky Justus

(Verse #1)
It was Christmas eve in PDX cold and dark, When I seen a man chillen with a beard and a saw,
I approached him very slowly with my heart full of fear, And noticed he was rockin that REAL Timbers gear,
But then I was illin cause he clearly had no pity, Just a pair of suspenders that read ROSE CITY,
I turned my head for a second and then he was gone, But he left a wood cookie set dead on the lawn,
I picked up the slab very curious you know me, right there on the front it cold said TIMBER JOEY,
It must have been very special to he, The kinda thing you'd want beneath your Christmas tree,
But I'd never steal from Joey cause that ain't right, So I MAX-ed to JELD-WEN to return it that night,
But when I got home to chill with my family, Joey's wood slab was waiting in a stocking for me!

(Verse #2)
It's Christmas time at JELD-WEN Field,
I'm lookin ill wearing Timbers gear,
Sounders, Whitecaps and Galaxy,
Get lumps of coal beneath they Christmas tree,
Fill the stadium with cheer every night, Scoring goals, bossin games as the Timbers win the fight,
Timber Joey saws another piece off the log, We cheerin on the boys as we drink egg nog,
The rhymes that you hear are the rhymes of Milky Way, Every match at JELD-WEN feels like Christmas Day.

(musical breakdown with synthesized x mas tunes)

(Verse #3)
Rhymes so loud and proud you hear it,
Stand Together we got Timber spirit,
John Spencer chillin', got the roses out, That's what a Timber Wonderland is all about,
The time is now, the place is here,
Timbers fans are all filled with cheer,

(Timber Joey's verse)
My name is Timber Joey with a saw in my hand, Slicing off slabs like a lumberjack man,
So open your eyes and lend us an ear,
Merry Christmas from the Timbers and a Happy New Year!

(Party sounds)

Charlie Austin - production and arrangement
Double Justice (Justus Kimbrough) & Milky Way (Scott Killen) - Rappers/lyrics
Ken Manning - Bass
Trumpet - Darvey Santner
Saxophone - Gabe Estes
Video DJ - Erik Geske
Memorial message:  In loving memory of our dear friend Allen Danny Peterson