Portland Timbers Tattoo Contest

Show your ultimate devotion: Design a Timbers tattoo. Winner gets inked courtesy of the Timbers

Do you have a tattoo idea? We’d love to see it. In celebration of the Timbers tattoo-inspired billboard currently displayed near the Morrison St. bridge, we’re asking all our fans to submit their own Timbers inspired tattoo design. Defender Eric Brunner and goalkeeper Jake Gleeson--two Timbers players who are tattoo aficionados--will be the judges for all eligible entries received. Eligible entries will be judged on the following basis: use of Portland Timbers branding (25%) originality (25%) and creativity (50%).  

Kids 17-and-under are in one category with the winning youth receiving $100 to spend at the adidas Timbers Team Store while the winning adult will get their tattoo paid for.

To enter, email your original design to tattoos@portlandtimbers.com by Sunday, March 4, 11:59 p.m. PT. The Timbers will cover up to $300 of the cost to ink the winner’s selected tattoo. We will announce the winners at the beginning of March, 2012.

To participate in the adult category, you must be 18 years of age. View official rules.

Who are the supporters behind the tattoo billboard? We sat down with the both to hear how and why they decided to show their devotion to PTFC and RCTID.

Dave Rasmussen’s is a current Timbers season ticket holder and diehard Timbers fans. His RCTID forearm tattoo (designed by TigerLily Tattoo’s Igor Mortis) is displayed on a billboard (east facing wall) of the Morrison Bridge.

Did you design your tattoo? When did you get it?
I got it in August of last year. I’d been thinking about it for a long time. I came up with an idea, and then I went in to talk to the artist and kind of told him what I wanted. I think my idea was a little extravagant and didn’t work all that well, so he came up with what’s on my arm. I loved it; I thought it was great, so I had it done.

Why “RCTID?” What does your tattoo mean?
It’s basically about being born and raised in this city. I’ve lived here my entire life. I work for the city, so Portland is special to my heart. Being a Timbers fan, it shows my dedication to the Timbers as well as the city.

What do you think the Timbers and their fans reflect about Portland?
We’re very passionate. We have a love for the game. It’s a great place to live.

Body art doesn’t have to be permanent to show Timbers pride. Nine-year old Olivia - also a season ticket holder - painted “Rose City” on her arm for her own billboard that is proudly displayed next to Rasmussen’s.

What does being a Timbers fan mean to you?
I don't really know, I guess when I go it feels like we're all one big team.

What’s it like to be featured on a billboard? What did you think when you first saw it?
It was really fun when I first saw it, I like the way it turned out.  It's huge. I like the colors I used for the tattoo.

We’re running a contest for kids to design a tattoo like yours. Do you have any advice for the kids participating?
Make the tattoo big so people can see it.  Also, use markers, not pens.