HIGHLIGHTS: Gastón Fernández

Versatile Argentine striker has an uncanny sense for goals

Slippery in the attacking third along with an uncanny sense for finding open space, Gastón Fernández lives up to his feline-inspired "La Gata" nickname. An experienced forward who has played extensively in the Argentine Primera Division and Mexican Liga MX, Fernández also has a Copa Libertatores title to his name as well.

Among his greatest assets is his versatility. He can cut in from the outside with excellent footwork and his deft touch in the box makes him a dangerous threat. He's strong in possession for link up play and if given the chance, is not afaid to shoot from distance. 

The highlight package above includes over 15 minutes of Fernández footage. The first minute or so pulls out a few key strikes however, it's set to start at some of the expanded highlights that show the build up to each goal and the forward's full quality.

At the 2:24 mark, Fernández expertly slips through the defense to sneak in untouched on goal. At 4:51, his off-the-ball run to the far post puts him in perfect position at the end of a great cross and the 6:56 mark showcases a spectacular golazo. 

There's a lot of excellent South American "Gol! Gol! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!" calls from the announcers in this video and with good reason. La Gata can clearly put the ball in the back of the net.