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We Are Timbers

You’ve seen them. Big. Bold. Towering over the urban landscape with some as high as seven stories tall. They are portraits of photographers, brewers, coaches, men, women, kids. They are portraits of fans. They are portraits of you.

On Jan. 27-29, 2011, close to 1,500 of you descended upon the official Timbers Downtown Team Store to have your portrait taken. Below is a slide show of the over 1,000 images generated from that shoot. If you haven't already, visit Flickr to download your unique image. Be sure to upload your photo onto Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media arena you like. While you're at it, watch the video of the store shoot.

Prior to the shoot, a series of billboards were placed around the city of various Timbers supporters and citizens of Portland. Get to know them and their love of the beautiful game.

A native Ghanaian who grew up as a crazy soccer fan in the United States, Pashington Obeng is a media planner at an ad agency. Now a proud Portland transplant, he has heartily embraced the Timbers and cannot wait for the 2011 season to begin.
One of the original supporters of the Timbers during the USL re-birth in 2001, Abram Goldman-Armstrong was among those who helped mold the Timbers Army. Bold and opinionated, Abe loves his Timbers and is the epitome of the saying, “Rose City Till I Die.”
Katie Dober describes herself as someone who doesn't just love to play soccer, but as somone who enjoys watching it, and being in that environment. If that's not enough, her entire family has been in the logging industry for many years. And yes, she does know how to use a saw!

Eugénie Frerichs is a photographer and art director at uber-cool local clothing company Nau. Moving here as a one-year old from Colorado, Eugénie grew up in Portland but has traveled throughout the world. And yet, somehow, the pull of the city always brings her back. A true Portlander, she loves her soccer.

Cian McCann: Soccer player. Timbers fanatic. 3rd Grader.

The Timbers fans featured on billboards across the city run the gamut, but few—regardless of age—can rival Cian’s commitment to the team. First introduced to the beautiful game from his Arsenal-rooting father, Ronan, the two have become stalwart regulars in the North End.

Born in Bolivia, the intertwining of soccer with life began for him at a very early age.  A board member of the organizing group behind the Timbers Army—the 107 Independent Supporter’s Trust (107ist) Fernando Machicado takes his love of Portland and the Timbers very seriously.