Two-Stick: Timbers Messenger

New, Expanded Emoji Set Now Available (as of August 19, 2016)
A new version of “Two-Stick: Timbers Messenger” is now available for download on both the Apple and Google Play App Stores. The update includes 16 new designs such as team kits for both the Timbers and Thorns FC, as well as a special set of images that celebrate the Timbers’ rivalry with Seattle Sounders FC.

To download, click the app icons immediately below.

The Portland Timbers launched the first official MLS team-branded emoji pack. The FREE app, "Two-Stick: Timbers Messenger", celebrates the iconic imagery of the club and is available in both the Apple and Google Play App Stores. The emoji pack features over 50 custom icons, including Timber Joey’s chainsaw, the axe, a “flounder” skeleton and a number of Portland Thorns FC specific images.


How do I share my message?
Tap the share button to display the sharing options for your message.

Why are the Timbers emojis missing when I copy and paste my message into other apps?
Unfortunately, it’s not possible to copy and paste Timbers emojis into other apps. They can only be shared with other apps via the share button.

Can I add the Timbers emojis to my phone's keyboard?
No, but that's intentional. Emoji packs built into your phone's keyboard require the user to give the app access to your text messages/information. We don't want to infringe on your privacy.

What operating platforms are optimized for the emoji pack?
The app is built for Android 4.0+ and iOS 8.0+.

The "Save Image" option isn't showing up in the share actions. How do I activate that?
The very first time you went to "share" there was a prompt to give the Timbers app access to "Photos". If you chose deny, the "Save Image" icon won't show up in the share actions. You can turn permissions on/off by going into your phones settings, scroll down until you see "Two-Stick" and then change the access setting for Photos.

What platforms can I use to shares these images?
You can share your images/text across all primary communication platforms, such as email, text message, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

What do I do if the keyboard is blocking the emoji gallery?
Tap anywhere outside the message window to dismiss the keyboard.

Can I use regular emojis in my message?
Yes, you can use your system’s emoji keyboard to add those emojis alongside the Timbers emojis in your message.


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