Tactical Transformation: NBC ProSoccerTalk.com takes a look at the team-first strategies of Caleb Porter

The double pivot. High pressure. Possession-oriented. These are all hallmarks of the Portland Timbers squad throughout the 2013 season and have helped push the club to the top of the Western Conference.

While there is still work to be done, NBC's ProSoccerTalk.com's Liviu Bird takes an in-depth tactical look at how head coach Caleb Porter utlizes his team's tools to attack their opponents and strengthen the team's defense. With an array of charts and stats, Bird shows a detailed examination of how it all works together:

From the players he brought in and the players who remained from last year’s disappointment of a season, Porter has built the most tactically sophisticated team....The Timbers have beaten direct teams with their active, evolving system of tactical problem solving, which allows them to win games in multiple ways.

For tactical aficionados and those wanting to learn, it is an absolute must read.