Mick Hoban Scarf of the Month

2015 Timbers Scarf of the Month series celebrates 40 years of club history | The Backcut

This past March, the Portland Timbers released a special, limited-edition scarf detailing four Timbers logos, each representing a different era in the club's history. The scarf kicked off this year's Timbers Scarf of the Month series.

First introduced in 2013, the Timbers Scarf of the Month collection provides fans with the chance to purchase and wear a unique Timbers scarf for each month of the Timbers season. However, each limited edition scarf is only available until supplies run out.

At the end of the season, fans have the chance to vote on which one scarf they would like to bring back for a limited sales run during the following season. So if you missed your chance to purchase the March, April, or May scarves, you may have an opportunity during the 2016 season to purchase one of them.

But at this point, unless you've seen one of these scarves around Providence Park, chances are that you're wondering what all the fuss is about.

Just take a look at the scarves from April and May.

April's throwback scarf pays tribute to the legendary Timbers anthem "Green is the Color." First written by Eric Beck during the inaugural 1975 season, and sung along with his friends Peter Yeates and Ron Brady, "Green is the Color" celebrates the team's place in Portland sporting lore and the legion of hardcore Timbers supporters who immediately adopted the sport.

"The existence of the Timbers today started with the Timbers in 1975," Beck told the Oregonian earlier this year. "They put Portland on the map. They really did."

If you're unfamiliar with the ballad -- it plays at the end of halftime of every Timbers home match -- go listen to it right now:

In May, the team introduced a scarf that harkens back to the 1980/1981 Timbers team. Beautiful in its simplicity, this green and white scarf prominently displays the old Timbers script logo right in the middle.

Now the team is introducing the fourth scarf in this year's series and if you thought the May design was understated, take a look at this beauty.

On one end of the scarf is the old Timbers logo and on the other end is the commemorative 5/40 logo. In between is a simple plaid pattern of green and yellow diagonals.

The design was inspired by 1970s fashion and in particular by this photo of Timbers Ring of Honor legend Mick Hoban, who played for the NASL-era club between 1975 and 1978.

Remember, now's your chance to pick up the June Scarf of the Month while you still can. Supplies are limited and the scarf will only be available this month.

You can purchase the Scarf of the Month in-store at the adidas Timbers Team Store or follow the PTFC Team Store on Twitter for the latest updates and releases.