Tim Payne, T2 vs. S2, 5.22.15
Ethan Erickson/Timbers 2

Q&A: T2's Tim Payne

New Zealand international Tim Payne has been an anchor in the T2 midfield during this inaugural season. Having had the opportunity to play around the world, Payne sat down to discuss his experiences and how it has impacted his development in this Q&A.

You spent two seasons in England at Blackburn Rovers. How did that experience impact your development as young professional, especially so far from home?
“It definitely showed me how tough it is to crack the first team in football. It shows that there are a lot of players that are very, very good. Just as good as you are. So it definitely opens your eyes to how hard it is.”

Last year, you had the opportunity to compete in the FIFA Club World Cup, going up against the top clubs in the world. What was most memorable from that experience?
“I think that first game, where we were written off against the Moroccan Champions. We went on pens, it was pretty cool, and the rest of it was just a real whirlwind.”

You and Jake Gleeson have been teammates at various levels of the New Zealand national team. What's it like to be teammates now on the club side?
“It’s cool having a fellow to keep alongside you. I always get along well with him. Yeah, it’s good having Jake here.”

You've been a lot of places in your career. Where has been one of the more unique places you have been. 
“I think when I was in the U-17s , for the New Zealand team, we went to Mexico. It was pretty eye opening at time but it was pretty cool.”

The team travels a lot. What's 3 things you always take on a road trip. 
“My laptop, my headphones, and my phone.”

Which one is most important?
“My phone.”