Raso Boureille

On the Pitch | Thorns Hayley Raso and Celeste Boureille talk sports heroes and personal inspirations

Every player has a different experience throughout their career, and a different reason they enjoy playing soccer. We sat down with members of the Portland Thorns FC to learn who and what has shaped their history with the game.


Hayley Raso

Celeste Boureille

What do you love most about soccer?

It makes me happy doing something I really enjoy, and traveling all over the world playing the sport I love.

Playing makes me happy. It’s a fun, beautiful sport that brings people together from all over the world.

Who was your favorite sports hero growing up?

Homare Sawa - Japanese National Team

Mia Hamm

What’s your go-to pregame music you like to listen to?

Usually the most current music I have just downloaded, or some pump up music from my “pregame playlist”

Pop and hip-hop music on Pandora or Spotify

Who is inspires you?

My intellectually disabled brother, Jordan

My Grandpa, Roger

What was the first position you played?