Quotes & Notes | Portland Timbers 3, LA Galaxy 1 | Aug. 6, 2017

Portland Timbers Quotes

Portland Timbers head coach Caleb Porter
On the importance of video review making the correct call on the Galaxy’s goal… 
“I don’t know because we didn’t get the benefit of it on the second one. But I think it helped. In that moment going down 2-1 versus staying at 1-1 that was a key moment in the match. But I thought also another key moment would have been if we went up 3-1. "

On the team’s overall performance…
“Pretty good. I think better first half than second. Glad we were able to close out the game. No matter how the game goes you are always going to have to make plays at the end of games to close it out. Jake [Gleeson] came up with a good save. I thought our back guys made some good defensive plays in moments late and that was pleasing. I thought we still had enough counter attacks to even make the margin bigger. But, we made it a two margin, which is a real positive versus keeping it at one and the last 10 minutes if it’s a one-goal margin it gets even more nervier. So I think that was a real key. People always ask, ‘how do you close out games better’, well you score another goal is the best way. In the past that’s what we’ve done. So we wanted to stay on the front foot. We wanted to create a two-goal margin, which we did. I still think we can play a little bit better with the ball in that second half. The stats show that. Part of that’s natural flow as well. The subs made difference I think for them. With dos Santos dos [Jonathan dos Santos] coming in. He’s a good player. So I think that gave them a little bit more possession. They didn’t create a ton of clear chances. So I thought even though we wanted to have a little bit more of the ball we managed our lines really well in the second half to close out the end."

On if there is concern with scoring the first goal but not taking control of the game…
“I don’t think it had anything to do with anything other than they scored on a counter attack. Out of nowhere. I thought, like you said, we were completely in control in the first 10 minutes, dominating the game. It’s not like all of a sudden we dropped off or anything. There was no mental shift or tactical shift in what we were doing. They hit us on one counter attack. And goals change games. So obviously they score the goal off a counter and then from there I thought for the next 10 minutes we were a bit emotional. But then again I thought we managed that period after those 10 minutes really well. I thought to close the half out we were back to playing the way we were playing to start the game. But I think the only thing that changed the game was one through ball and a goal that shouldn’t have been a goal. Ultimately, I think we’ve got to manage that better. Those two moments. Ball behind and then for me the angle. Difficult angle."

On having a full roster to choose from for the match…
“It was great. I’m sure people will say, ‘wow, they are back playing the way they are playing, what’s the changed?’… we’re healthy. We’re healthy and so we are a different team with Ridgy [Liam Ridgewell] in the lineup. If you can’t see that, you are blind. Leadership wise, defensively on the ball. We’re a different team with [Darlington] Nagbe in the lineup. We’re a different team with [David] Guzmán and [Diego] Chara paired together. We can grind results without those guys. We’re a team. The depth guys are still very good players. We can come up with plans to win games, but we can play more dominantly and more aggressively when we have all our pieces together and that showed for most of the first half and for periods in the second half, but we also lost some guys in the second half, so I think that played in. They made some subs and added some guys that gave them a bump. But I think for periods you saw us playing aggressively again, which is what we prefer to do.”

On the pairing of Liam Ridgewell and Larrys Mabiala…
“They trained all week together. I think they are going to be a very good pairing. Quietly Mabiala’s had a really good run of games. He makes a lot of plays that go unnoticed. Defensive plays where he steps and tackles and heads balls in the air. That’s what we wanted out of him. We know we have some good options. We know we’ve played without Ridgy all year and if we have to do it again we can do it. But we are definitely a better team on both sides of the ball with him in there.”

Portland Timbers defender Liam Ridgewell
On returning back from injury…
“It was a good feeling to be back out there, back out with the boys and playing again. It’s been a long road back. It was nice, but obviously the most positive thing was to get three points and kick off the last 11 games with a positive result.”

On if there was a better start than scoring the opening goal of the match…
“A better start would have been not letting them score, but obviously it was a great start. We started off on the front foot like we wanted to certainly at home. We just built on from there.”

On his mentality after being out injured…
“It’s difficult. You’ve just got to stay positive. I’ve had my family and girlfriend in town, which has been a big help. They keep me more positive than anyone and keep me upbeat. It’s difficult going into training every day and not going to train and play, but that’s life in football really."

On scoring the opening goal in front of his family…
“It was a big thing. My boy said to score a goal. Hopefully, they can stay a little bit more and keep saying it. It’s obviously special with them seeing it close up and in person. It’s a nice treat. I think that’s the first time they got to see it in person. I don’t think I’ve scored any other time that they’ve been here. It was a big moment for them.”

On playing with Larrys Mabiala…
“It’s great. Obviously, there’s been a few center half partnerships in my career. Larrys has come in and done really well. He’s very athletic and good on the ball. He likes to talk as well, which is great. Today was great. It was nice to be out there playing again and playing alongside him. I think we can form a good partnership going into the backend of the season.”

Portland Timbers midfielder Diego Valeri
On scoring the game-winning goal…
“It was a tied moment in the game, and it’s always nice to score a nice goal. When you execute what you’re thinking, it’s always nice.”

On the importance of today’s win…
“It was very important. We needed the points at home. I’m very happy about the performance of the team. The third goal was a great goal from Alvas [Powell]. I’m happy about the team.”

On today’s implementation of Video Review…
“I think it was good. It helped the referee to take one more opinion with the video. It’s important. Sometimes the referee in that situation – it’s really hard for him to see, even for the linesman. I think it’s good.”

Portland Timbers defender Alvas Powell
On returning to the starting lineup and the importance of today’s win…
“It was a great feeling to be back in the starting lineup. I think the team did a great job. We got the three points, so we’ll just build on that looking forward to the next [game].”

On scoring his first goal since the 2014 season…
“It was a great feeling. I didn’t know if it was going to go in. I just shut my eyes, shot it and it ended up in the goal. It was a great feeling and I’m excited. I’m enjoying the moment.”

On the team, returning to health, can move forward down the stretch...
“When this team is healthy, we can keep going. We fight in training each day, so we just [carry] it over into the game. It’s all about focusing on the next one.”

Portland Timbers goalkeeper Jake Gleeson
On the importance of today’s win…
“In this part of the season, it’s important to put points in the bank. It’s the final stretch, and for us when we play at home it’s got to be nothing less than three points. We took care of business today, we’ll rest tomorrow and then go back out and hopefully pick up another three points on the road in Toronto.”

LA Galaxy quotes

LA Galaxy head coach Sigi Schmid

General thoughts on the match…
“Obviously we’re disappointed and I think Portland was the better team in the first half. Superior to us at the time, but goals change games. The goal that gets disallowed [after video review], I mean it was the correct reasoning, but it’s a goal that we should have just headed in. Then the chance that Jack McInerney missed. If one of those stands, it changes the whole complexion of the game. Thought we did good coming back right away after we took that first goal, but overall our play wasn’t good enough. In the second half I thought we were better, but [Portland] took their foot off the pedal.”

On Jonathan dos Santos’ debut coming off the bench…
“It was good. Jonathan is a good player, but he hasn’t played a game since July 2 and hasn’t really trained on a regular basis. We don’t want to overplay him at this stage and all of a sudden there’s an injury and he’s out for a long time. But I thought he did well when he came in.”

On moving forward from this loss…
“We can’t worry. We can’t get caught up in points. We need to get caught up in playing better soccer. Right now we’re just not playing good soccer. We need to compete more at the right opportunities. We gave away too many soft balls. Every time we put together four, five, six, seven pass combinations, then someone wasn’t as alert as they needed to be and all of a sudden the ball turned over. We had to do a lot of defending in the first half, not because Portland… I meant, Portland was good offensively, don’t get me wrong. But we didn’t hold the ball enough so we never forced them. I mean it’s great when a team never forces you into a defensive shape. Then you’re always in a good offensive shape. That’s something we need to get better.”

LA Galaxy goalkeeper Brian Rowe
On the mood around the team following this loss…
“After a loss it’s always tough to swallow and it’s one where it’s not a great feeling after. It’s one of those ones where you can either have two reactions: you can either hang your head and throw in the rest of the season or you keep fighting and keep working as a team and keep trying to get results. That’s something, as a group, that we’re trying to get to that point where we’re still fighting. We still want to get results, we still want to play our soccer. So it’s kind of a pride thing.”

On his performance...
“I thought it was alright. The first one they caught us quick. They took a quick corner kick and we should identify and stay with their runs a little faster. They exposed us on that. Then second goal was a bomb by [Diego] Valeri. Hold my hands up and give him applause for that. I was trying to look around Daniel Steres’ shoulder just because I couldn’t see the ball. By the time I took a step, he’d already hit it and it was coming back. The third one, good strike by [Alvas] Powell. I don’t think I had much to do today. I mean, of course you always want to have an impact, help the team out. Going to try and learn from it and move on.”

Referee Drew Fischer
Question #1: Why didn’t you award a penalty to the Portland Timbers in the (approx.) 41st minute when Dave Romney took down Fanendo Adi in the box?

Answer: In my opinion the challenge that led to Adi going to ground in the box was normal contact between the two players.

Question #2: Why did you refuse to give the Timbers 10 yards on a free kick in second-half stoppage time after they asked for it?

Answer: In my opinion the opposing players had retired the required distance at the free kick.

Follow-up to Question #2: So you decided – to follow-up to clarify the second question – you determined that was 10 yards?

Answer: Correct.


  • Sunday’s game marked the 119th consecutive sellout for the Timbers at Providence Park.
  • The Timbers have scored in 11 consecutive matches, which is the longest active streak among MLS teams. 
  • Fourteen different players have scored for Portland this season. The 14 unique goal-scorers this season is tied for most in MLS by a single club with Toronto FC. 
  • Since the beginning of last season, Portland has scored 60 goals at Providence Park. The 60 home goals are the most scored by any club in that stretch.
  • Valeri has recorded 20 combined goals and assists this season, which is the second-most in MLS behind New York City FC’s David Villa (21). 
  • Valeri has scored 30 goals at Providence Park in his Timbers career, the second-most home goals by a Timbers player in the club's MLS era. Only Fanendo Adi has scored more home goals (32) in the Timbers MLS era.
  • Diego Valeri scored his club-leading 12th goal of the season, tying him for the third-most goals in MLS this season.
  • Liam Ridgewell scored the fifth goal of his Timbers career and his second of the season. 
  • Alvas Powell scored his first goal of the season, marking his first finish since Sept. 7, 2014.
  • Sebastián Blanco tallied his sixth assist of the season, which ranks tied for second-most assists on the team this season. 
  • Blanco has scored or assisted in five of his last six matches. 
  • David Guzmán was credited with his sixth assist of the season, tying him with Blanco for the second-most assists on the team this season.
  • Four of Guzmán's assists have been direct from set pieces, tying him for the league lead in that category. 
  • Fanendo Adi notched his third assist of the season and the 12th of his Timbers career. 
  • Roy Miller delivered his first assist as a Timbers player. Overall, Miller has 16 assists in his MLS career, previously logging 15 as a member of the New York Red Bulls.