eMLS Cup 101 | Everything you need to know as eMLS Cup gets underway

The first-ever eMLS Cup is is set to kick off this week at the PAX East event in Boston, Mass. from April 5-8. Here's everything you need to know heading into the tournament and the Portland Timbers competitor Edgar Guerrero.

What is it?
eMLS Cup is a tournament featuring the best FIFA 18 gamers in North America battling it out to see who will represent their club and eMLS on The Road to the FIFA eWorld Cup 2018

Where is it?
eMLS Cup will take place at PAX East--a massive gaming festival and event held this year at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. From video games to table top, tournaments and more, PAX East has it all and draws approximately 140,000 people annually.

MLS will have their own eMLS HQ inside the convention center where the early regular-season rounds will take occur as well as be a place for fans to hang out, try their own hand at FIFA 18, watch soccer, get eMLS gear and find exclusive PAX East pins. Pin trading is big at PAX.

Want to know more? Looking to attend? Check out the PAX East FAQ.

When is it?
April 5-8, 2018.

The eMLS regular season will commence on April 5-6 with each competitor playing each team in their conference twice. At the end of the second day, the top eight teams from each conference will then advance to the weekend playoffs.

On April 7, beginning at 10am PT, the Western and Eastern conference playoffs will stream live on Twitch from the main PAX Arena. Then on April 8, the conference finals, third place match and eMLS Cup finals will stream on Twitch from the PAX Arena beginning at 10am PT.

Who's participating? Who will be there?
19 MLS teams will have competitors in attendance with the Portland Timbers being represented by Edgar Guerrero.

A Timbers fan currently living in McMinnville, Ore., Guerrero signed with Club América in June 2017 as an esports competitor. Across 18 esports seasons, Guerrero has won various titles, including four first-division titles, two Copa Pro titles, two SuperCopa Pro titles as well as a Mexican Cup championship title and two Continental Cup titles playing FIFA. He currently ranks among the top 20 in the United States and top 35 in the Americas in FIFA 18.

A full roster of the eMLS competitors can be found here.

What's unique about the tournament?
Competitors will build their roster utilizing the FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) tool meaning they can populate it with players from around the world. Lionel Messi can play alongside Cristiano Ronaldo and more. Unique to eMLS, however, is the rule that competitors must include at least three MLS players on the field at all times, two of which must be from the team the competitor is representing.

What's at stake?
Apart from league bragging rights, competitors will be vying for the eMLS Cup title which includes:

Be sure to follow Timbers.com throughout the week for updates from PAX East and the live streams from the weekend playoffs and final.