PTFC Authentics, 5.16.19

PTFC Authentics launches with new store, new look for Timbers and Thorns FC at Providence Park

The grand new east side of Providence Park is definitely the most obvious new addition to the stadium, but it’s not the only one.

Over on the northwest corner of the park on the Alaska Airlines Plaza, a brand new team store is nearing opening. A trapezoidal glass structure, this new location will expand the club’s retail footprint and be open on non-matchdays to the public, while also designed to connect into the main stadium concourse to be a retail center during Portland Timbers and Thorns FC games.

Meanwhile, the old northeast team store location is getting a facelift as well with new fixtures and design elements. This store, like the new one on the 20th Ave./Alaska Airlines Plaza, will also be available on non-game days.

Additionally, the club is expanding their merchandise offerings throughout Providence Park, with up to 12 different store/kiosk locations throughout the venue.

It’s all part of a club-wide re-branding of their merchandise presence into PTFC Authentics. The brand will represent both Timbers and Thorns gear with the northwest location being primarily for Timbers and the northeast for Thorns. However, both stores will be well stocked with each team’s gear and will swap to whichever home team—Timbers or Thorns—is playing on any particular day.