Victory Log | on the Timbers' iconic chainsaw celebration

What initially sounded like a crazy idea to the Portland Timbers' general manager eventually grew into what today is known as the Victory Log

The ritual began in the 1970s with Jim Serrill, later known as Timber Jim, as a way to celebrate goals at Timbers games and also to strengthen the connection with the Portland community. Over time, elements have changed: A wooden beam was replaced by a Douglas Fir log; Timber Jim was succeeded by Timber Joey; however the essence of the ritual has remained the same.

Discover the origin and evolution of one of the most unique rituals in sports, and the people that bring it to life.

Jim Serrill continues to preach his "Spread the love" mantra and give back to his community. Find out more about the charity initiative here. To learn more about Serrill's story, visit the Timbers' website or watch his TED Talk.

"The Ritual" is a new feature series that goes behind the stories of the most unique MLS matchday rituals and the ways in which they bring to life the culture of soccer in North America.