Christine Sinclair #2, Thorns vs. Reign, 7.5.19
Photo by Craig Mitchelldyer

The Quick 3 with ... Thorns captain Christine Sinclair

Last year, Christine Sinclair and Emily Menges revealed that their time on road trips, which often casts them as roommates, is occupied by the long-time Portland Thorns FC pair tearing through episodes of Friends on Netflix as the duo await their next opponent. For two months this year, though, Sinclair’s time on the road came away from Menges, with the Canadian national team’s captain traveling with other teammates during the 2019 World Cup in France.

On Tuesday, at the end of Sinclair’s media availability, caught up with the Portland icon about life without her club roommate, the reunion she had with her dog, Charlie, upon coming home, and … one serious soccer topic that’s far less interesting than “Sinc’s” dog. What is your roommate situation like when you’re with the national team? And how much Friends do you get to watch with that roommate?

Sinclair: So, this is going to be interesting, because Sophie Schmidt from Houston (Dash) is my national team roommate, has been for probably about eight years

We’re more of the HGTV-type people. But we’re always in Europe, and things like that, where you’re just not watching TV. So, it’s usually Netflix. You were also separated from Charlie for a long period of time. What was the reunion like with Charlie, when you came back? Any terrible habits Charlie picked up during that time?

(Author’s note: Charlie stayed with goalkeeping coach – and former German national team player – Nadine Angerer and player relations staffer Magda Angerer during Sinclair’s absence.)

Sinclair: It was sad. I’m sure Magda can tell you about it. I walked right by Charlie at the airport, and she didn’t even acknowledge me.

She did pick up a German soccer jersey. So, not necessarily habits. (But) she acquired things that are bad. The last question is a little more hardcore soccer related. When you go to the national team you play one role; you come here, you’ve been a No. 10 for a couple of years, now. In your mind, do you identify yourself as a nine of a 10?

Sinclair: I like to think of myself as a little hybrid. And I think my heart says I’m a nine, just because I like to put the ball in the back of the net.

But I think Mark, here, has helped find a role for me where I can have a bigger influence on the game, more of an impact on the game, but not take away my chances to put the ball in the back of the net.

So, I enjoy them both.