SEAvPDX Roundtable with Jack Jewsbury, Ryan Pore, Steve Zakuani and Brad Evans on Breaking Lines

A special week continues with a special edition of Breaking Lines, this week featuring four ex-players' unique perspectives on the best rivalry in Major League Soccer.

For the Seattle Sounders, Brad Evans was a cornerstone in midfield and defense as the team established itself is a perennial, while eventual Timber Steve Zakuani was, after joining the Sounders in 2009, one of the most dangerous wide attackers in the league. And from Portland's perspective, midfielder Ryan Pore helped usher the Timbers from USL to MLS, while Jack Jewsbury, after joining the club in 2011, wore the team's armband and help it build toward a first star.

On Wednesday, the four former Timbers and Sounders got together to talk early rivalry moments, the teams' place in the MLS universe, and what the rivalry meant to each of their careers.

SEAvPDX edition with Jack Jewsbury, Ryan Pore, Steve Zakuani & Brad Evans| Breaking Lines | May 20, 2020.