The Training Ground:
Timbers eGames

Our soccer history, tradition and people make this community special. Be it the athleticism of our players or the creativity and passion of our supporters, the Timbers are one-of-a-kind.

On or off the field, attributes like quickness, agility, vision and tempo help drive performance — ultimately, skills that all of us use every day. This set of six digital games, launching throughout the month, is developed to test these skills against our experts. Whether you have been to every match or just one, see how you stack up.

Penalty Kick Save

According to ESPN's "Sport Science", penalty kicks in recent World Cups were taken at approximately 70 mph (at that speed, the ball reaches the goal faster than a 90 mph fastball reaches home plate in baseball). Based on the time it takes for a goalkeeper to react, a fast shot towards a post is almost unstoppable, unless he/she starts moving beforehand.

For Timbers goalkeeper Jake Gleeson, he’ll "read the player's body language to try and guess where he’s going; looking at the movement of their hips, if he’s right or left footed, or the angle at which he approaches the ball."

Play Penalty Kick Save