We are teaming up with Bold Reuse on a new reusable cup program as we pursue a more sustainable matchday and event experience at Providence Park.

The introduction of reusables will help us achieve our reduced waste and climate goals, and beats single-use alternatives through nearly every environmental measure (climate, water, land use, waste, pollution, etc.)*

Together, we can prevent thousands of single-use cups from reaching the landfill this season.

How does it work?

In partnership with Bold Reuse, the pilot program will introduce reusable cups into designated areas of Providence Park in 2024. The designated seating areas include Tanner Ridge, The Club and Lexus Lounge.

Here is how it works:

  1. Order your beer, wine, or cocktail as you normally would and admire it being served in a sustainable, reusable cup.
  1. After enjoying the beverage, please return the cup to a nearby reuse collection bin. Doing so it can be reused many times and drive positive environmental impact with each reuse.
  1. Bold Reuse will pick up the cups after each event and inspect, sanitize, and repackage them to be reused again and again.

Can I bring my cup home?

Cups are intended for in-stadium use to reduce our waste. The more cups returned means the less resources and energy needed to create new ones. Return your cup so you can see it at the next event.

Does it cost more?

There is currently no additional charge associated with receiving your drink in a reusable cup. All we ask is that you return your cup to a return bin when done so we can continue to provide this service with no additional charge.

How are the cups cleaned and sanitized?

Bold Reuse’s commitment to health and safety is paramount. They have invested heavily in standard operating procedures which are on par with global food manufacturing facilities. Cups are sanitized in a low-heat dishwasher with chlorine, just as durable cups from your favorite local restaurant are.

Who is Bold Reuse?

Bold Reuse is a Portland-based, women-owned and operated start-up on a mission to end single-use waste by making reusable packaging easy for everybody. Want to know more?

Check out BoldReuse.com or visit their Bold resources.

When will this program expand stadium-wide?

This season, we’re launching a limited pilot program with Bold Reuse to understand how fans engage with reusable cups. If return rates are high - meaning we’re driving impact - and fans enjoy the program, the plan is to roll out the cups to additional locations within the stadium.

For more information on reusables or Bold Reuse, visit BoldReuse.com