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Cleaning, Santiation and Safety

As part of the organization’s commitment to sanitation and safety, the following procedures will be in place during each match:

  • Fan Experience staff are required to pass a health screening prior to entering Providence Park.
  • Fan Experience staff will wear masks throughout the event.
  • Fan Experience staff working the gates will wear plastic face shields.
  • Fan Experience staff are required to complete a COVID-19 safety training program.
  • Fan Experience staff are prohibited from making any physical contact with guests (e.g. handshakes, hugs, etc.).
  • All water fountains will be closed.
  • All guest areas will be sanitized 24 hours prior to every home match, in accordance with approved CDC methods and products.
  • All high touch/traffic areas, such as restrooms, will be cleaned frequently throughout the match by a designated sanitation team.
  • Additional hand sanitizers will be installed throughout the facility.


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