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Ticketing and Seating

Tickets will be entirely digital – no paper or PDF tickets -- and the entire ticketing process will be contactless through SeatGeek. 

Timbers seating and ticketing

  • Seating will be sold in socially distanced pods of 1s, 2s and 4s.
  • No fans will be seated within 20 feet of the touchlines.
  • Seats not in use will be closed and unavailable to guests.
  • Ticket transfers and re-sales will be permitted but only to all members of the seating pod. Transfers will be required to complete the waiver process.
  • There will be no general admission seating areas; all seats will be reserved. Information regarding the Timbers Army sections and 107ist plans for matchday atmosphere can be found here.
  • A liability waiver must be completed throughout the ticket purchase and transfer processes.
  • A health screening survey will need to be completed with 24 hours of the game to receive your ticket barcode for entry. This will only be available through the SeatGeek app. 
  • In-person Will Call will not be available, and the pick-up or drop-off of physical tickets will not be allowed.
  • ADA seating for reduced capacity matches will be in sections 95, 96, 97, 98, 99, Tanner Ridge and Toyota Terrace. – for more information please contact avalentine@timbers.com or 503-553-5531.
  • Onsite relocation services will be available should guests request new seat(s) at the interior ticket window located behind section 104/204.
  • All Annual Membership accounts have had their Annual Membership value converted to a ticketing credit, which can be used to purchase tickets this season. This credit is only accessible when making purchases through a desktop or mobile web browser and cannot be used on secondary ticket purchases.
  • Reduced capacity matches are all “opt-in” matches which require an additional purchase in order to attend.
  • Presales, and their corresponding purchasing parameters, will be listed on each team’s schedule page (Timbers / Thorns) and will be communicated via email to Annual Members to provide early access to all matches.
  • Upcoming Announced Presale Dates:
    • 4/28 Club America – Presale for Annual Members on 4/19 starting at 10am
    • 5/9 Seattle Sounders – Presale for Annual Members on 4/26 starting at 10am
  • GA Annual Members will be given first access to supporters section tickets for reduced capacity matches.
  • In the event of matches with fuller capacity during the 2021 season, Annual Membership locations will be provided and your credit will be deducted, accordingly. These tickets can be transferred and sold if Annual Members are not interested, or unable, to attend. 
  • Any unused Annual Membership credit at the end of the season will be rolled over to 2022. 
  • Annual Members who use up all of the credit during the season will retain their priority status and ability to continue to purchase tickets.
  • Reduced capacity matches will all be sold as individual events outside of Annual Memberships and may be dynamically priced. Dynamic pricing encourages people to buy sooner, rather than later, as prices may rise as available inventory shrinks. Annual Members, who are receiving the earliest access, will continue to receive the best price for these matches during their presales.


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