5 amazing new things to eat at Providence Park in 2023

New year, new food: Park Provisions and Levy executive chef Garrett Boisture and his team are bringing gastropub-worthy dishes onto the concourse as well as reimagined takes on classic stadium fare for 2023. 

Here are 5 new things (plus 2 returning items) to plan your game day meals around:

Choripan - Timbers.Food022223.CM017


Originating in South America and most popular in Argentina, Uruguay, and Chile, Choripan could be described as a gourmet hot dog—but it's much more than that. The Providence Park version features a Zenner’s Sausage linguiça on a Franz pub roll with chimichurri sauce and diced tomatoes. “This is one I’m really excited about," says Boisture. "Lots of flavor going on with this one.”

Foccacia - Timbers.Food022223.CM016

Mushroom & Parmesan Focaccia

For guests seeking plant-based options, the Mushroom & Parmesan Focaccia might be just the ticket. “These are thick slices of focaccia bread, lots of cheese, lots of toppings, super gooey,” says Boisture. A buffalo chicken focaccia option is also available, for those who'd like to add protein.

Society Pie - Timbers.Food022223.CM049

Society Pie pizza

Chef introduced a new pizzeria for the park, based in Tigard and Tanasbourne, it is a family-owned business that will bring delicious, ‘mom and pop’ style pizza at any match throughout the MLS and NWSL season. “They’re awesome, we’re super excited for them. They may possibly be bringing some other stuff [to their menu] as well," he says.

Society Pie’s commitment to their community is evident in their daily operations, providing free dinners to families in need, and presenting a welcoming environment at their two locations in Washington Square and Tanasbourne. While they can’t host all of Providence Park at one of their restaurants at once, they will be bringing the taste of their premium meats, vegetables, and famous Red Sauce (made from 100% Stanislaus tomatoes) to fans. You will find them serving hot slices behind section 119.

Salad - Timbers.Food022223.CM033

Beet & Goat Cheese Salad

For fans of healthy yet savory greens, the kitchen has presented a Beet & Goat Cheese Salad, boasting freshness and bold flavors.

Mac and Cheese - Timbers.Food022223.CM020

Tillamook Mac & Cheese

A highly-touted item during a tasting event at the Club this week was the classic Tillamook Mac & Cheese. Available with smoked pork or buffalo chicken, the praise was on elevating the classic plate. “We’re stepping it up this year, adding protein, making it a little heartier dish,” says Chef Boisture. Served in a bowl, the generous portion is topped off with seasoned panko and diced scallions.

Teriyaki bowl - Timbers.Food022223.CM030

Returning fan favorites: BBQ and teriyaki bowls

Teriyaki Chicken Bowls (as well as the tofu version) made their debut at the stadium in 2022 at a single concession stand. Due to their popularity, the stadium is adding a second stand dedicated to the item. A bed of rice topped with steamed veggies, chicken or tofu caramelized in teriyaki sauce, and sprinkled with sesame seeds. (The bowls are also gluten free, prepared with tamari sauce.)

BBQ - Timbers.Food022223.CM042 2

Also returning is Wolf’s Head Smokehouse as the park’s official barbecue partner. “They did a great job with us last year, they’re expanding to another location here at Providence Park,” says Chef Boisture. “They’re adding in some new items with their smoked chicken wings and their barbecue burrito which is absolutely incredible." The menu options range from sandwiches to nachos, as well as the aforementioned smoked wings and burrito.