5 quick questions with Diego Chara

The Timbers' longest-tenured player in club history on camping, days off, and his legacy
Diego Chara - Timbers.vsSportingKC051422CM037
Timbers captain Diego Chara arrives at Providence Park before a game

You are the longest tenured Timbers player in club history. What do you hope you to leave as your legacy to this club and the city of Portland?

I would like to leave as many trophies as possible. It’s difficult—every year we try to win trophies in every tournament we play – but I think that’s one my wishes being on this team. At the same time, the culture we’ve created within the team in the past eleven years is also something that is very important and special to me.

What is your favorite thing to do Portland?

I like to go camping with my friends and family. Those moments are really special to share with them. It’s something different and we get to enjoy the nature and views. We hike a lot as well—that’s one of the biggest things that I love about Portland.

What does a perfect off-day look like for you?

Sleeping. Sleeping and being in bed for the whole day, that’s my perfect off-day.

What is one of your favorite childhood memories growing up in Colombia?

I have many, but one of my favorites was playing with my brothers and my grandparents in Colombia. I think those moments are special because I miss my grandparents. They did so much for us, and I think that having that memory gives me the ability to go back to that moment. Many amazing memories with my family growing up in Colombia. Each one of them has a good place in my heart.

If you had one wish, what would you wish for?

This is a very complex question for me, but I would wish for peace. Peace has a lot of meanings—ending discrimination in every sense of the word, having more tolerance and more love within people.