By The Numbers | A look at the unique elements of the MLS Cup trophy


The MLS Cup – the actual trophy itself – is coming to Portland. Arriving in town later this week, here are some key numbers and interesting facts about the prize the Timbers will be fighting for against New York City FC on Dec. 11 at Providence Park (12pm PT, ABC).


There have been three different versions of the MLS Cup trophy with the first debuting in 1996. This current edition was first introduced in 2008 and includes design elements from the previous two trophies. In 2015, the logo on the front was updated to showcase the league's new crest, making Portland's MLS Cup trophy the first to feature this new design element.


Created by Tiffany & Co., the MLS Cup weighs 21 lbs. and is 24" tall with an additional seamless base of 4 5/8".


Along with the iconic fluid handles, the Cup include 11 facets on the front and back which symbolize the 22 players that participate on the field in a match.


There is a single gold star on the cup which represents the championship club and who then incorporates a star into its team crest for each MLS Cup title.


Primarily forged with sterling silver, the valued amount of the MLS Cup trophy is $120,000. To the winning team, the value is priceless.


When the trophy travels within cities, it must travel in a Brinks armored truck due to insurance requirements.

Bonus Fact 1

Only cup winners are allowed to touch the MLS Cup trophy without white gloves.

Bonus Fact 2

The trophy is named after Philip F. Anschutz who was a co-founder of Major League Soccer and owner of multiple teams including the LA Galaxy, Chicago Fire, Colorado Rapids, Houston Dynamo, San Jose Earthquakes, D.C. United and the New York/New Jersey Metrostars.