EA FC 24 Ratings are here! See how the Timbers stack up

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Evander's gold 75-rated card is highest on the team; Y. Chara has ninth-fastest Pace in MLS

The new EA FC 24 is almost here and we now have a look at the player card ratings in the game.

EA FC 24 is the newly branded edition of the popular soccer video game from EA SPORTS. With over 19,000 players spanning 700 teams and 30 leagues, it is an in-depth and heavily detailed look at the game.

Each real-world player has a corresponding card that includes ratings across a variety of attributes. In this year’s edition, those ratings can be built upon real performances from real matches reflected by an all-new PlayStyles feature in the game, optimized by Opta data to further dimensionalize and adjust players throughout the year.

Among Timbers players, here’s a look at some key numbers and cards.

Evander75 Overall

Attacking midfielder Evander is a 75 overall rated gold card and the highest card on the team. A well-rounded card highlighted by the Brazilian’s 79 Dribbling skill.


Diego Chara – 74 Overall

Right behind Evander is Diego Chara’s 74-rated silver card. As to be expected, his 79-rated Physicality is high and his 70-rated Defending is tops on the Timbers. In secondary categories, D. Chara is second-highest in MLS with a 90-rated Aggression rating.


Yimmi Chara – 72 Overall

Yimmi Chara’s 72 silver card has some unique attributes. Among his primary skills, his 89-rated Pace is first on the team and ninth highest in all of MLS. Among his secondary skills, he’s got a 90-rated Acceleration, also good for ninth in the league.


Some other interesting highlights on the Timbers roster:

  • Zac McGraw (67 overall) saw a +4 increase from last year’s ratings to his overall Defending numbers to rise to 66.
  • Santiago Moreno (71 overall) received a nice buff getting a +1 overall rating plus a +2 on shooting and a +1 to Passing.
  • Among Larrys Mabiala’s (67 overall) secondary attributes, his 87 Strength is highest on the team and 18th highest in MLS.

You have your thoughts on what the ratings should be? Check out the full database of all players in the game and join the conversation on social media and have your say!