Green is Gold

Earth Month x TNC Spotlight | Natural Climate Solutions


April is Earth Month, and it is a time to reflect upon and celebrate our planet – both for its beauty and for all it provides. It’s also a time to learn about and take action to protect it.

The Nature Conservancy, a community partner through the new Nature Unites kit, is leading the way in nature conservation, addressing climate change, and protecting biodiversity – here in Oregon and around the world. This month, we’re taking the opportunity to spotlight some of TNC’s ongoing work to help people and nature thrive together.

Get to Know Natural Climate Solutions

Simply put, natural climate solutions are actions to protect, better manage and restore nature to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and store carbon.

Science shows nature is poised to play a significant role in efforts to store carbon and reduce emissions. In fact, restoring, protecting and harnessing the power of our forests, grasslands and wetlands will provide at least 30 percent of the reduction in greenhouse gasses needed for a prosperous, low-carbon future.

The Nature Conservancy’s Impact

Climate science drives The Nature Conservancy’s (TNC) conservation priorities.

A study produced by TNC in collaboration with Portland State University found that if Oregon emissions targets are met, natural climate solutions could offer as much as 67 percent of the additional mitigation needed to reach net zero emissions in our state.

TNC is working to champion natural climate solutions by providing science, supporting demonstration projects, and advocating for new policies, and aims to achieve a 50 percent increase in natural climate solutions projects on public and private land by 2025.

Urgent action is needed. Fortunately, nature holds many answers.

In Oregon, the coming years will see more opportunity for TNC to engage with climate policy design and implementation, advance natural climate solutions, improve community health through urban canopy projects and protect Oregon’s sustainable water future.