Timbers Press Conference

GM Ned Grabavoy discusses the Timbers' moves in the transfer window

2023 Timbers Ned Grabavoy Preseason Training 16x9
The Timbers acquired two new players in the recent transfer window. General Manager Ned Grabavoy discussed the club's plan approaching the window and what it accomplished in bringing in Antony and Bryan Acosta.

BEAVERTON, Ore. – The Portland Timbers held a press conference at their training facility Thursday afternoon ahead of their Leagues Cup Round of 32 match and the closing of the summer transfer window. Timbers General Manager Ned Grabavoy discussed the club's activity this week, which saw the acquisition of two players, and shared insight into the evolution of the roster.

"I think for us as a club, overall, we are pleased both with the plan that we had in place and then what we were able to accomplish within that," said Grabavoy. "We believe the decisions and the additions that we've made as a club give us a great balance both in what we're trying to build and sustain in the longer term, but with a clear focus and attention to the immediate. For us, we still believe that we can accomplish things this season and we'll look to strengthen and hopefully pick up the results to do so."

Set out to be active in the transfer market, the Timbers announced the acquisitions of midfielder Bryan Acosta via trade with the Colorado Rapids and winger Antony from Portuguese club FC Arouca this week.

Acosta has MLS experience with FC Dallas and the Rapids. With injuries impacting the team throughout the season, Acosta's arrival adds league experience and depth in the midfield.

"We have put a more of a focus going into this year just on trying to be a bit more active in the internal market," said Grabavoy. "That's one part of it. But I think with this specific signing, when you look at the injuries we've had in the midfield and timing of those injuries - to ask Cristhian Paredes and Diego Chara to play the amount of minutes that they have over the last 10 or 15 games. It's been a challenge for us to make it to this point this season, trying to add a player of that quality. That experience was clear for us that we needed to do so. We wanted to try and achieve that within the league. And you know, the timing of this and someone that's been around and played in big games; I think we're very happy with that addition right now. I think Bryan's going to fit in great."

Antony Alves Santos, who goes simply by Antony, brings a different style to the roster, giving head coach Giovanni Savarese another option and threat in the attack.

"In [the winger] position, we were looking for a profile that gave us a different set of attributes," said Grabavoy. "I think when you look at some of the players that we've brought in over the last couple of years, whether it's a Santiago Moreno, whether it's an Evander, Yimmi Chara, I think all these players are so good when they have the ball at their feet and can open up the game  through their vision and their passing ability.

Antony is really a player that can hurt you in a different way. He's constantly looking to run in behind. He's constantly looking to cause issues with his verticality and getting behind the backline. So for us, we feel like we're sort of adding another tool to the belt, you know, to give the coach a different option. I think he's a player in this league - a league that's played in transition a lot of times as well. He can be dangerous to opponents and open spaces."