Thorns FC Adrianna Franch blog keys

On Friday, members of Portland Thorns FC gathered for the team’s first meeting of 2016 at Providence Park. With preseason training starting Monday, many of the team’s players made their way to the Rose City during the week, including new goalkeeper Adrianna Franch

We asked “AD” to share her thoughts from the week on the trek to Portland, joining the club and what she’s looking forward to exploring her new city: 

Let the ADventures Begin! Thorns FC's Adrianna Franch blogs about the move to Portland -

As I sat and packed, I thought about the last time I was in Portland. What an experience. Being able to play in front of 13,000 people my rookie year was pretty amazing. No matter what team you are on or where you are playing in that moment, you always appreciate the fans. I definitely appreciated the Riveters back in 2013 when playing against Portland. I can only imagine what is to come.
Every time I placed something in my bag, I was one step closer to that flight out of Oklahoma. Day-by-day, I began to get a little more nervous about not leaving anything. I had to make some hard decisions on some of my super hero shirts and hats, but I feel good about the final selection. I thought about bringing my PS3, but I decided against it because I hear there are so many things to do in Portland. I am excited and hope to be guided by some fan suggestions on where to begin the ADventures in the Rose City.
I know some things I definitely want to do in Portland are visit some art galleries, experience the different food trucks, explore the best trails and check out the collection at Powell's Books. Other than that, I am open to things to do or try. 

I am most excited about meeting up with the team and starting the season. There is just something about being on a team, joining up, having the same goals with the same determination, practicing and working hard every day, and then putting all of our talents together and placing it on the field. It’s truly an art form. I can't wait. Let the season begin.