The Timbers' new pre-match top for Pride Month 2023

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The Portland Timbers are excited to announce the release of MLS's new pre-match top for Pride Month 2023, created in collaboration with adidas and Queer South African designer Rich Mnisi. This vibrant jersey is a testament to a simple but powerful vision: Love unites.

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Bearing the motto "Let love be your legacy," the new pre-match top embodies the spirit of self-expression and embraces the belief that love unites us as a club and as fans. The jersey's design is a reflection of Mnisi's own journey and serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of active allyship in empowering and championing the LGBTQIA+ community.

Rich Mnisi founded his brand in 2015 and quickly earned the Africa Fashion International Young Designer of the Year award for his work. Known for his loud and bold graphics, Mnisi's designs challenge the perceived gender binary and dare to imagine a world where the freedom of self-expression exists without bias.

The inspiration for the jersey stems from a love letter Mnisi wrote to his younger self, which reads in part:

“This is the moment to call yourself worthy, and help others do the same. This is the hour to bond, to love and be loved by family and community. This is the day to love - unbridled, unfiltered, unashamed - and never look back. Let love be your legacy.”


Regarding the collaboration and collection, Rich Mnisi said, “When creating this collection, I had a strong impulse to speak to my inner-child and express to the world how LGBTQIA+ allyship can create a legacy of love. Unifying these themes together through my own visual language and adidas’ iconic performance and lifestyle pieces is a powerful combination – making the collection a symbol for self-acceptance and LGBTQIA+ advocacy. My hope is this range inspires LGBTQIA+ allies to speak up more for the queer people they love and not let them fight for acceptance alone.”

The Portland Timbers are proud to wear this new pre-match top as a symbol of our commitment to inclusivity and diversity.