Tokyo Olympics | Claudio Bravo checks in from Japan

Portland Timbers defender Claudio Bravo is off to Japan to play for Argentina in the Tokyo Summer Olympics. Bravo took the time to answer a few questions about his first impressions of Japan, how he and the team is preparing and what he's doing to stay connected with family.

Argentina begins play on July 22 against Australia at 3:30am PT. View the full soccer viewing schedule here. What are your first impressions of Japan now that you’ve arrived for the Olympics?

Bravo: "The city and the atmosphere are unique, I am surprised by the amount of people that live in the city as well as the amount of buildings, it is a city completely different from what I have experienced. I am really excited to start the games!"

2021_Olympics_Claudio_QA_2 What does a day look like for you, your teammates as you prepare for competition? Anything unique to your routine? Any new experiences?

Bravo: "We have been training a lot, usually we have two training sessions a day, so we have been focusing on getting prepared to get to the games in the best shape possible. Not much time off other than to rest."

2021_Olympics_Claudio_QA_1 You’re a long way from family and friends back home in Argentina or here in Portland. Who are you keeping in touch with the most as you share this experience with those closest to you?

Bravo: "Yes, being away is always difficult. However, I am always in touch with my wife, my daughter, and my close family and friends. It is always important to stay in touch with them because they are important for me and they help me to push forward."