As you know, both Major League Soccer and the National Women's Soccer League have announced tournaments for all league clubs. The path to getting back on the field is set, and we continue to consult with national, regional and local public health authorities to evaluate the viability of matches in 2020 with or without supporters in attendance at Providence Park after the tournament.

In light of the COVID-19 disruptions, please review the information below about your current Annual Membership and your options for 2021.

We have stopped all payments on 2020 Annual Memberships and have frozen Annual Membership pricing for 2021.

We are giving Annual Members the three options below on how they would like to proceed:

1. 2021 Credit Rollover*

Use your 2020 credit towards 2021 to renew your Annual Memberships with the added benefits listed below:

2. 2020 Refund* / 2021 Renewal

Request a refund of the outstanding credit on your account and begin payments later this year to renew your 2021 Annual Membership with the added benefits listed below:

  • Frontline Workers Donation – for each Annual Membership you renew, we will donate one match ticket in your name to a sector of frontline workers of your choice
  • Begin payment plan in August 2020.

3. 2020 Refund

  • Request a refund of the outstanding credit on your account and not renew your Annual Memberships


*2020 Timbers Annual Membership Cost Calculation:
15% of your Annual Membership fee has been applied towards the matches already played at Providence Park (three preseason matches and two regular season matches on March 1 and March 8). This amount represents an abatement of 75% of your Annual Membership fee for the fifteen unplayed regular season home matches at Providence Park that is granted under the Annual Membership Terms plus an additional 10% discretionary credit we are providing given the unprecedented circumstances of the 2020 season. We are making the decision to end annual ticketing under the 2020 Annual Membership Agreement which allowed for our decision to grant the additional discretionary 10% credit. 


Call 503-553-5550 or email / members@thornsfc