Timbers' Tennyson wins keg toss

PORTLAND, Ore. - Portland Timbers' forward McKinley Tennyson proved to be as good a keg-hurler as a goal-scorer, winning the MacTarnahan's Keg Toss Friday afternoon at Pioneer Courthouse Square to help raise money for arts and athletics in Portland Public Schools.

MacTarnahan's Brewing Co. donated $100 to the Portland Public Schools Foundation in the name of each competitor.

"It felt good to be there, to represent the Timbers and to help raise money for the schools," said Tennyson. "Hopefully in winning, I can help some kids win in the classroom."

Tennyson tossed his way into the hallowed "World Keg Toss Association Hall of Fame" with a 31-foot heave that bested fellow local celebrities, including Timbers' teammate Brian Winters.

Portland Beavers' radio announcer and Oregon Sports Hall of Famer Bill Schonely emceed the event.