Scot Thompson's Player Diary 5/24

Timbers defender Scot Thompson will be providing a player notebook throughout the course of the season. Stay tuned for future entries.

So, my eye is finally starting to look less like a bleeding volcano and more like Quasimoto after a long night out. Just give me huge cathedral and a woman in distress and I could be the lead in the next Disney sequel (The Hunchback of Rose City).

Anyway, training Tuesday, which is normally light after a two game weekend, was amazingly energetic. It’s funny how a win can change the attitude and atmosphere of a squad in only a day. Guys were laughing and talking smack to each other. Drew got some for missing that wide-open header and, of course, Byron got it in Spanish and English for that squib volley he had on the breakaway, but it's all fun and games cause we know we won.

Now the challenge, and one that we all expect to accomplish, is to fly out to Minnesota and gain our first away win. Like Chris said, we match up well against them so three points is not an impossible task. Three points that keep us in the top half of the table and one step closer to being above .500 is on everyone’s minds.

I've also been able to get back to the poetry in my spare time, so I included one that I wrote recently. Hope you enjoy.


Do you smile
Do you enjoy yourself
Do you walk along paved streets
Head Held High
Turning that which you pass to gold?
Do you bring sunshine to those drowning
Do you bring rain to those that are parched
Does the sound of your voice make those stop and wonder
Ponder, the meaning of such a symphony
A melody that we as humanity can sing, in splendor?
Do you wake and welcome the sun
Do you rest and wish the moon a goodnight
Does your mind gaze beyond sight
To heavens and realms untouched by earthly plight?
Overwhelm the mind, the senses, the figurative and subjective
As joy commences through your veins
And realize I you we are not driven by the question
But by the blood flowing from our heart
Alive, YES, the given answer that we shall never forget to mention.