Scot Thompson's Player Diary 7/9

Timbers defender Scot Thompson will be providing a player notebook throughout the course of the season. Stay tuned for future entries.

So it's a day later and my neck is still killing me after the karate chop I received last night from one of their huge players. If I ever get into a brawl, I am going all in, cause I can barely speak or swallow.

All joking aside, their players were good guys and it was all jokes after the game, except when they kept hitting on my girlfriend at the post-game dinner! I'm not a jealous guy, but I did keep the eyes in the back of my head on point.

Anyway, we have a training day on Monday then off for another ridiculous road trip: 3 games in 5 days. This trip is where we start our climb out of 9th place and back to the top tier of the league.

I've included another poem from my collection as well, hope you enjoy.

Beauty and the Beast
Beauty and the Beast
Scowl so grim Smile so white
A contradiction
Sunrise to Night
But there is Beauty in this Beast
Defined by the light
Oh the Beast
Would a beast be a beast
If no one saw him in the light